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Kentwood Preparatory School in Lake Worth, Florida

Kentwood Preparatory School Provides Holistic Education in a Small Classroom Setting. We Specialize in Building Self-Esteem and Helping Children with ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, and Depression.

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About Kentwood Preparatory School

The Kentwood program, founded in 1999, is a fully accredited day school developed for a population of potentially average to bright children who were not experiencing success in traditional school settings.

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How We're Different

Kentwood Preparatory School works with a very specific population and will not accept students deemed to be emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded or a danger to themselves or others.

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Who We Serve

Our students require an environment with structured expectations, a trained multidisciplinary team that gives a consistent message that cannot be manipulated, and a supportive integrated family system that duplicates the structure and organization of the school program.

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Request Information about Kentwood Preparatory

Request Information about Kentwood Preparatory

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Academics at Kentwood Preparatory

Our specialized Academic Program provides a multi-sensory, thematic and fully integrated approach to learning.

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High School at Kentwood Preparatory

Kentwood Preparatory High School represents a significant shift from traditional high school philosophies - with limited enrollment and a self-governing body, and is also characterized by high expectations for all students.

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Skills Module System at Kentwood Preparatory School

In order for our children to succeed in all aspects of life, including academics, it is imperative that they acquire grounding skills.

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Learning Cognitive Skills at Kentwood Preparatory

Cognitive skills are any mental skills used in the course of acquiring knowledge; these skills include reasoning, perception, and intuition. These skills are integrated into our program.

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Admissions at Kentwood Preparatory School

Learn more about the admissions process at Kentwood Preparatory School Located in Lake Worth, Florida.

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Ethics Standards at Kentwood Preparatory School

Read the Complete Collection of Ethics Standards at Kentwood Preparatory School

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Finances at Kentwood Prep, Scholarships Available

Scholarships and financial assistance is available on a limited basis. Parents requiring assistance may request or download a Financial Aid Form and submit it (along with an application form) to our Business Office.

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Contact Kentwood Preparatory School

Contact Kentwood Preparatory School Located in Lake Worth, Florida

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Private School Near You - Kentwood Preparatory in Lake Worth, FL

If your child's current school isn't inspiring their full potential you may have started your online search for a private school near me. You are not alone; many of our parents found Kentwood Preparatory School in much the same way.

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Reviews of Kentwood Preparatory School

Read Reviews of Kentwood Preparatory School Located in Lake Worth, Florida

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Meet the Staff at Kentwood Preparatory School

The Staff at Kentwood Preparatory School helps ensure your child receives the best possible education while they are a student at our school.

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Calendar of Events at Kentwood Preparatory

View the Kentwood Preparatory School Calendar, which includes vacation days, Parent Teacher conferences and more.

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Photos of Kentwood Prep Students

View Photos of Kentwood Preparatory Students, Events, Summer Camp and Field Trips

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Individualized Education - The Best Option for Students with ADHD

For students with ADHD, individualized education is an excellent way to help children become successful while providing them with the right environment to be able to focus on their strengths.

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Techniques for Students with ADHD to Find Success in School

If your child is a student with ADHD, it is more important than ever to find the right classroom environment for them. Seek out teachers who know how to bring out the best in your child.

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Strategies to Help Students with ADHD in Social Situations

Parents and educators alike are increasingly focused on helping children with ADHD develop socially. From fostering smooth transitions to encouraging participation in community groups, there are many steps you can take to help students with ADHD achieve key developmental milestones.

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The Importance of Encouragement in Education

Encouragement is one of the most powerful tools in a teacher's arsenal. It is often the key to unlocking untapped potential in children, especially those who have trouble learning.

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A Structured Classroom Means Less Distractions

Distractions in a classroom setting can derail students from concentrating on the learning tasks at hand, and it can take time for students to regain their focus. In fact, studies show that it can take 25 for a student to regain their focus after an interruption.

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Strategies to Help Students with ADHD Complete Homework

Most students experience occasional difficulties completing homework assignments. But for students with ADHD, homework challenges are often the norm rather than the exception.

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Creative Ways to Positively Motivate Your Child

As parents who have children with ADHD already know, the difficulty children have preparing for and completing tasks is neurologically based. Organizing thoughts and getting started is more difficult for these young people.

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Improving Cognitive Skills and the Ability to Follow Directions

Students with ADHD often learn best when presented with a variety of teaching methods. This is often why traditional remediation doesn't help their academic performance. The reason is because those diagnosed with ADHD may lack foundation skills or cognitive skills.

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10 Strategies to Help Children Build Self-Esteem

Those who struggle with ADHD often face misunderstandings as a result of their actions, which in turn diminishes his or her self-esteem. Lowered self-worth affects the child's ability to learn, make friends, and generally enjoy a happy life.

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School Can Be a Positive Turning Point for Students with ADHD

If students with ADHD are coming from learning environments where they have frequently gotten negative attention (or even punishment) for their symptoms, there is a good chance that they have negative associations with educational settings.

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Strategies to Strengthen the Parent Child Relationship

Parents who have a close connection with their child actually have an easier time parenting them. That's because the child is much more likely to feel cooperative and trust that their parent is making a choice in their best interest.

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Tips to Help Prepare Students with ADHD for College

Parents and teachers can help students with ADHD enjoy a smooth transition to college life. However, the single best way to build a foundation for college success is to attend a college preparatory high school that emphasizes development of academic skills and life skills.

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How to Identify an ADHD-Friendly Educator: Your 7-Point Guide

With the proper educational guidance, children with ADHD can achieve their true potential. Therefore, parents need to seek out a school with a staff that specializes in teaching children with different learning styles.

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Empowering Students with ADHD by Teaching Cognitive Skills

Instead of holding back students with ADHD by accepting supposed limitations, building certain skills can empower students to reach new goals. These foundational skills are commonly known as cognitive skills.

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Beyond the Myths of ADHD Diet and Nutrition Plans

No specific diet has been proven to be 100% effective or superior to other ADHD diets. This gives you the opportunity to create your own ADHD diet which best meets your needs, while specifically focusing on those eating habits geared towards reducing symptoms like lack of focus or restlessness.

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Socializing During Coronavirus: Four Creative Ways to Keep Children Engaged

Whether you are contending with a quarantine, shelter in place orders, or "Stay Healthy at Home" regulations, being confined to a home during a pandemic like the Coronavirus has proved to be difficult for most people across the globe.

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Is Too Much Screen Time Harmful to Children with ADHD?

During the coronavirus, Axios reported that children between the ages of six and 12 are spending at least 50% of their day in front of a screen. That's a big difference from the recommendation of one hour or less per day from the American Association of Pediatrics.

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Working From Home and How to Start Planning for the New School Year

There are some distinct advantages for working parents of children with ADHD, if at least one of them has a job that allows them to work from home.

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Thoughts On Improving At-Home Learning for Students with ADHD

It is a troubling fact that across our nation, students are not as engaged when offered virtual learning options compared to traditional learning in the classroom.

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How to Communicate Your Student's Needs to New Teachers During Virtual Learning

As the parent of a school-age child, you likely want to do everything in your power to help your child succeed in a virtual learning environment. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to communicate regularly with your child's teacher.

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Practical Tips on How to Strengthen the Parent-Child Relationship

As it turns out, it's often the seemingly minor parts of life that often make the biggest impact on a child's life, ultimately providing them with a lifetime of positive childhood memories.

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Understanding Duration of Focus - Block Out Lessons for Students with ADHD

While much of the content that is delivered through virtual education may be as engaging as lessons delivered in a traditional classroom setting, virtual learners often take on the executive functioning task of navigating course materials on their own.

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Teaching Your Child with ADHD About Different Learning Styles

Taking the time to discover one's learning style can be a huge game-changer in understanding why some learning situations and educational materials are intuitively easier than others for a child.

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The Skills Module Learning System: A Comprehensive Approach to your Child's Education

Kentwood Prep School is renowned for its unique approach to teaching students. One of the ways we maintain our competitive edge is through the Skills Module Learning System, which is at the forefront of our educational philosophy.

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At Kentwood Preparatory School, we believe in the unique potential of each student.

The students we serve often have unique learning styles that are not always accommodated in traditional classrooms. They may have learning differences, attention deficit disorders, or simply require a smaller, more personalized educational environment to succeed.

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The Value of Small Class Sizes at Kentwood Preparatory School

When it comes to fostering an ideal learning environment, the size of the classroom matters. At Kentwood Preparatory School, we understand the significant role that small class sizes play in enhancing students' academic performance and personal growth.

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5 Key Things to Look for in a Private School: A Perspective from Kentwood Prep School

If you are considering a private school, here are five key things to look for, based on the philosophy and practices of Kentwood Prep School.

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Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds: The Significance of Physical Education at Kentwood Prep

Kentwood understands that academic excellence is important, but we also know that physical well-being plays a significant role in a child's overall development.

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Navigating Learning: Supporting Students with ADHD

In the context of education, students with ADHD often struggle with organization and time management. However, with the right strategies in place, these students can thrive academically.

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Preparing for Success: The Kentwood Preparatory High School Philosophy

In today's educational landscape, it's not enough for students to simply acquire knowledge; they need to develop practical skills that will enable them to thrive in real-life situations.

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Kentwood Preparatory School: Shaping the Future with its Elementary and Middle School Program

Kentwood Preparatory School is more than just an institution — it's a launchpad for young minds to soar towards their potential.

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Summer Camp at Kentwood: Learning, Fun, and Friendship

At Kentwood Preparatory School, summer isn't just a time for relaxation; it's an opportunity for growth, exploration, and the creation of lasting memories.

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Understanding the Impact of Screen Time on Children with ADHD: Insights from Kentwood Prep School

For parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), navigating the complexities of screen time can be particularly challenging.

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Helping with ADHD Behavior at Home: Tips from Kentwood Prep School on Strategies to Build Self-Esteem

Here are some invaluable tips inspired by Kentwood Prep School's approach to managing ADHD behavior at home while fostering a positive self-image.

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Privacy Policy for Kentwood Preparatory School

Your Personal Information is Important to Us. Please Read the Privacy Policy for Kentwood Preparatory School

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