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High School Program

High School Students

A Significant Shift

Kentwood Preparatory High School represents a significant shift from traditional high school philosophies - with limited enrollment and a self-governing body, and is also characterized by high expectations for all students.

Accordingly, "We Prepare Children for Life" is much more than a slogan here at Kentwood. It is the driving force behind our curriculum, the structure of our program, and the methodologies used for instruction. In no area of High School is preparation more important than for that of "success in college and/or life", and traditional high schools are simply not adequately grooming our students for this. While there are many reasons for children struggling as they get older, they all amount to the same problem - the students were not prepared!

They may have acquired knowledge, but they did not acquire skills. Skills to:

  • Balance recreation and school time
  • Plan for class, study time and social interaction
  • Schedule and plan for multiple projects that have different deadlines but must be worked on simultaneously
  • Have the discipline and internal reserves to stick to their plans, do the hard work, complete assigned reading, and take ownership of their papers
  • Be prepared for class, mentally, physically and by way of class materials
  • Make good choices without an authority figure waking them up and following them around throughout their day
  • Organize themselves by way of calendars, agendas, checklists and alarms
  • Read textbooks and source material with real comprehension and making useful notes
  • Write paper after paper
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Pack, do laundry, and plan a shopping list
  • Budget and balance checkbooks
  • Go to bed on time, even when there is a party going on
  • Say "no" to things they want really, really badly because it conflicts with their schedule
  • Know when help is needed, how to get help, and actually getting the help

Without these skills, it doesn't matter - how much math a student can do; how many state capitals and Presidents they have memorized; that they can recite the periodic table; that they took Art, or Computer Programming or played football; or which electives they took in High School. If they have acquired the necessary skills, then the afore-mentioned is certainly a bonus. If however, their skills are lacking, life will prove to be a challenge. (See "Cognitive Skills" section for additional information)

Core Subjects

Student Enjoying Learning

While Kentwood does follow, as closely as possible, the state of Florida's guidelines for high school courses and credits, our focus in not on the specific curriculum content itself, but rather on using the curriculum content as a tool to provide our students with the skills needed to succeed in life.

In order to graduate with a High School Diploma that universities mandate for admission (along with other criteria), students have to complete 24 credits. These 24 credits include 4 credits in English, 4 credits in math, 4 credits in Science, 4 credits in Social Studies, 2 credits in a foreign language as well as credits in Physical Education, Health, Fine Arts, Computers and Electives. Some subject courses are mandatory and others allow for choices within a specific field.

Students who are unable to meet standards for a regular High School Diploma may obtain a Certificate of Completion. Courses for this certificate are less rigorous and expectations are modified. More specific information on actual courses may be requested from us, or will be given to parents when visiting the school.

Honors Classes

For students who are advanced, Kentwood offers Honors Level classes. These classes are beneficial to the students in that they are more challenging, and they also get an extra point for the class when calculating their grade point average. Requirements must be met in order to be eligible for Honors Classes.

  • Dual Enrollment/Advanced Placement
  • Juniors and Seniors who have completed required High School credits, and met the Kentwood criteria, may be eligible for dual enrollment at local community colleges.
  • Remedial Labs
  • Students who require additional support for either Language Arts or Mathematics may be placed in the Remedial Lab for those academic sessions only. The remedial lab offers
  • Small group tutoring
  • Individualized instruction within a group framework
  • Individualized curriculum support

Other Activities

High School Students Enjoy Learning

Field Trips

Field Trips are coordinated in conjunction with study projects, but may also be for social integration purposes. They may include the theater, museums, fairs, concerts and festivals.


Students have the option to participate in our annual school production, whether it be in the main cast; in a supporting role; or with props, lighting, sound, programs, etc.


Kentwood produces an annual yearbook and students have the option to be on the Yearbook Committee.


Students who wish to learn the art of debate can sign up for debate club

Board Games

Students desiring to stay after school to participate in the Chess Club or other board games co-ordinate with the school principal to set the program up


There are various other activities or clubs offered almost every year at Kentwood, such as the School Prom, School Picnic, Graduation and Awards Ceremony, Key Club, sports activities (during the school day), Community Service Visits etc.


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