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If your child's current school isn't inspiring their full potential then you may have already started your online search for a private school near me. You are not alone; many of our parents found Kentwood Preparatory School in much the same way.

Call us at (561) 649-6141 if you have any questions or when you are ready to schedule a tour of our campus.

About Kentwood Preparatory School

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Located in Lake Worth, Florida and serving Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin Counties, Kentwood's holistic approach has been successful in working with children who are struggling in a traditional school setting. Our fully-accredited day school works with children who are potentially average and above but have difficulty functioning in environments that are either too expansive or too restrictive.

While our students are not deemed to be emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded, or a danger to themselves or others, they are often diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers, or related diagnoses. Some of our students have no diagnosis; however, they cannot effectively function in a customary classroom. We've found that, as a whole, our population performs better in a smaller, safer and more consistent atmosphere.

The Kentwood Difference

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All too often, students such as those we serve are misunderstood in the traditional educational environment. Their actions are misinterpreted, and they languish in an atmosphere of frustration that erodes their self-confidence.

When children are placed in situations that are overwhelming or confusing, their reactions can range from creating disruptions to becoming completely withdrawn. As a result, their behavioral difficulties encompass school and home environments.

Kentwood focuses on creating a structured, nurturing environment with set expectations, supports, and rewards. When your child is suffering, no matter how he or she expresses that frustration, it affects the entire family. By incorporating therapeutic intervention, our highly-skilled staff works with the family to develop or maintain healthy systems within the home.

Through this holistic approach, we are able to create an environment in which your child gains the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve success in school, improved communication within the family, and more highly-developed social skills.

High Expectations

Kentwood Preparatory School's small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratio allows us to focus on teaching critical thinking and problem-solving skills rather than on memorizing facts. We provide a multi-sensory skills-based and cooperative learning environment.  

Through Kentwood's academic program, we teach standard curricula; however, our students also require incorporating an individualized Skills Module System to fully achieve success.

Our Learning Skills Modules, for instance, develop task analysis and organizational skills. The student learns how to begin a task and break it down into manageable components in order to complete it.

Through the Life Skills Module students become more aware of their reactions to situations in order to manage social, emotional, and behavioral issues.

The Cognitive Skills Module was developed as a motivational tool in which the student and those working with him or her target and modify behaviors. It focuses on the individual needs of the student and is an effective behavioral management system that provides for early intervention and problem-solving.

The Self-Esteem Building Module teaches students that their "quality of life is governed by choices . . . [that may] have either favorable or unfavorable consequences. The students learn from the consequences of poor choices, and how to appreciate the benefits that flow from sensible judgment."

Make a Positive Change

The Kentwood program is designed for children who are average to very bright, but who are not currently experiencing the academic and social success they deserve. Our tailor-made academic programs are designed to help your child reach his or her potential inside the classroom, with the family, and within society as a whole.

If you have any questions or you are ready to schedule a tour of our campus please call us at (561) 649-6141 or fill out this short form. We're here to help ease some of the frustration you and your child have experienced.

Learn More About Palm Beach County

Whether you just moved to Palm Beach County or have lived here your entire life, there are many exciting educational activities available for children of all ages.


Arts and Culture

Consider a trip to Boca Raton Museum of Art and take in one of the current exhibitions and enjoy their permanent collection. The museum also features a two-hour program for up to 50 students called Education Mornings in which they offer a studio workshop where students create a work of art followed by a docent-guided tour of the museum's permanent collection.

The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach provides a wide variety of possibilities for students to engage in the world around them. The museum offers themed tours designed specifically for the K-12 audience, and they satisfy specific learning objectives as outlined by the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts offers students a coveted window into the arts. It's a rare opportunity for them to see first-hand what can be achieved when energies and talents are properly channeled. Kravis showcases musicians through various genres, theater, musicals, and a variety of dance performances.


The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium is a tough act to follow.  In addition to scheduling a visit to the facility to independently plan a group tour of the displays and events, the facility also works specifically with the K-12 community to present grade level planetary shows, labs, and demonstrations.

Sports and Outdoors

A perennial favorite is a trip to one of the local water slide parks where a full day of activity and exercise creates a healthy outlet for all that extra energy. Calypso Bay Waterpark in Royal Palm Beach features a full day of entertainment for all age groups.

The Palm Beach area coastline is home to some of the world's most beautiful beaches, and it provides a welcome reward at the end of a school week filled with hard work. It's also the perfect opportunity to expand your childs' knowledge of the natural habitat surrounding them by exploring the aquatic life.


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