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Preparing for Success

In today's educational landscape, it's not enough for students to simply acquire knowledge; they need to develop practical skills that will enable them to thrive in real-life situations. At Kentwood Preparatory High School, we understand this need and have designed our high school program to ensure that our students are not just prepared for college but also for life.

A Significant Shift from Traditional High School Philosophies

Kentwood Preparatory High School represents a significant shift from traditional high school philosophies. With limited enrollment and a self-governing body, our school is characterized by high expectations for all students. "We Prepare Children for Life" is not just a slogan at Kentwood; it's the driving force behind our curriculum, our program structure, and our instructional methodologies.

Traditional high schools often focus solely on academic achievement, neglecting essential life skills that students need to navigate adulthood successfully. At Kentwood, we believe that acquiring knowledge should go hand-in-hand with developing skills such as time management, discipline, organization, critical thinking, and self-reliance.

Core Subjects and Unique Opportunities

Kentwood follows the state of Florida's guidelines for high school courses and credits closely. To graduate with a High School Diploma, students must complete 24 credits, which include mandatory courses and elective choices within specific fields. For students who excel academically, we offer Honors Level classes that provide an extra challenge and an opportunity to boost their grade point average.

However, our primary focus is not on the specific curriculum content itself, but rather on using the curriculum content as a tool to equip our students with the skills they need to succeed in life.

Support and Enrichment

Understanding that every student has unique needs and abilities, we also offer Remedial Labs for students who need additional support in Language Arts or Mathematics. These labs provide small group tutoring and individualized instruction within a group framework.

Beyond academics, we believe in the importance of extracurricular activities in shaping well-rounded individuals. Students can participate in field trips related to their study projects or for social integration, join the annual school production, become part of the Yearbook Committee, learn the art of debate, and engage in various other activities or clubs.

The Kentwood Difference

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Kentwood Preparatory High School is more than an educational institution; it's a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to grow, not just academically, but also personally. By focusing on essential life skills, we aim to prepare our students for success, both in college and in life.


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