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Shaping the Future

Kentwood Preparatory School is more than just an institution — it's a launchpad for young minds to soar towards their potential. With a unique approach to education that focuses on the holistic development of children, the school's Elementary and Middle School Program stands out as a beacon of innovative learning.

A Curriculum Beyond Academics

The core curriculum at Kentwood includes English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Computers. However, what sets Kentwood apart is its focus on ancillary programs like Art, Drama, Communication, Physical Education, Social Skills, and other Humanities subjects.

Students are not only exposed to a wide range of academic disciplines but are also encouraged to develop practical skills that will serve them well in life. They learn to think clearly, express themselves effectively in speech and writing, and understand cause-effect relationships. They're encouraged to question, formulate, and support a point of view, evaluate findings, and draw conclusions.

Innovative Learning Techniques

The school uses innovative approaches such as the "Aubacus System" in Mathematics, which emphasizes understanding principles and methods rather than relying on rote memorization. In English, essay, book report, and research paper writing are taught through a unique "Visual Design" approach, combined with multimedia for an integrated learning experience.

Emphasis on Personal Development

Kentwood believes in the importance of personal development alongside academic growth. The school's drama program helps students learn pragmatics—reading body language, facial expressions, and social cues. Students are expected to participate in various forms of drama, fostering teamwork and effective communication. The sports program, designed by experts in the sports and educational fields, incorporates fundamentals of games, sportsmanship, team spirit, and cooperation in a non-competitive environment. Social Skills classes promote self-esteem, friendships, conflict resolution, and age-appropriate interaction.

Exploring Humanities

Kentwood also encourages students to explore the history of music, art, philosophy, and poetry. They learn how humanities are related to social issues, and engage in producing their own artwork that ties into each specific period. In philosophy, students discuss rules and laws that govern societies, and how to successfully co-exist in these societies.

Individualized Support

Kentwood understands that each student has unique learning needs. For students who need additional support in Language Arts or Mathematics, the school offers Remedial Labs. These labs provide small group tutoring, individualized instruction within a group framework, and individualized curriculum support. For academically gifted students, Advanced Placement offers continued improvement on student strengths and academic challenges.

The Kentwood Difference

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At Kentwood Preparatory School, education goes beyond textbooks. The Elementary and Middle School Program is designed to prepare students for life, not just academics. By focusing on holistic development, Kentwood is shaping the future—one student at a time.


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