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Kentwood Prep School: Nurturing Potential, Empowering Success

Kentwood Preparatory School is more than just an educational institution. It's a haven for students who possess the potential to thrive but struggle to find success in traditional schools. These children may be diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger's or other related social or communication difficulties. Some may not even have a diagnosis at all. However, at Kentwood, we believe that every child can learn and excel when given the right support and environment.

Our Students, Our Priority

We are clear about the population we cater to. We do not accept students deemed to be emotionally disturbed or a danger to themselves or others. Our focus is on students who are average to bright and are unable to succeed in conventional schooling systems due to various reasons.

A Whole-Child Approach

At Kentwood, we understand that a child with a problem is a family with a problem — and, by extension, a society with a problem. Our goal, therefore, extends beyond academics. We strive to restore or maintain healthy families as we nurture the students. This whole-child approach ensures that our students receive comprehensive support, both at school and home.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our staff and consultants come from diverse professional backgrounds, including psychology, social work, education, cognitive language, and perceptual motor. This multidisciplinary expertise allows us to identify problems accurately, implement effective intervention strategies, and monitor progress consistently.

Beyond the Classroom

In addition to our school program, our staff has experience with our population that encompasses boarding schools, overnight summer camp programs, home management systems, parent support groups, parent/child advocacy, and workshops. These experiences inform our teaching strategies and interventions, enabling us to meet each child's unique needs effectively.

The Module Program and Cogmotics System

Our unique Module Program and Cogmotics System are designed to fine-tune academic skills, sharpen life skills, hone social skills, and establish functional family systems. We believe in equipping our students with a comprehensive set of skills that will help them succeed not just at school, but also at home and in society at large.

The Kentwood Difference

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At Kentwood Preparatory School, we do more than just teach. We nurture potential, empower success, and transform lives. With our specialized curriculum, multidisciplinary team, and a deep understanding of our students' needs, we are committed to helping every child realize their true potential and achieve success in all areas of life. Join us at Kentwood, where every child matters, and every child can succeed.


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