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The Benefits of Fully Integrated Learning

When selecting a school for your children, you want to find one that offers an environment that is conducive to learning.

When selecting a school for your children, you want to find one that offers an environment that is conducive to learning. At Kentwood Prep School, we understand the importance of creating an atmosphere that meets the needs of all types of learners. That's why our Academic Program is based on a fully integrated approach to learning. Let's take a closer look at what that means and how it can benefit your child.

What Is Fully Integrated Learning?

Fully integrated learning is a multi-sensory approach to teaching and learning that focuses on developing thinking skills, study skills, and learning strategies. We believe in providing students with stimulating activities and experiences that are engaging and help them move beyond simple memorization into higher order thinking skills such as problem solving and critical thinking. It also requires teachers to be creative in their lesson plans so students stay interested and motivated.

Small Classes & Low Student to Staff Ratios

At Kentwood Prep School, we keep our classes small with low student to staff ratios so each child gets the attention they need. Our teachers are able to closely monitor each student's progress and provide constant positive feedback throughout the process. This helps ensure that any deficits or issues are quickly identified so they can be remediated right away before they become major problems down the road.

Focus on base learning rather than factual memorization

At Kentwood Prep School, we believe that instilling in our students an appreciation for lifelong learning is the key to helping them succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. We focus on improving base learning rather than forcing students to memorize facts, allowing our students to develop their own critical thinking skills and gain vital problem-solving abilities. Our primary goal is to nurture a love of learning and cultivate the desire for students to go beyond the textbooks in order to continually expand their knowledge.

Teaching critical thinking and problem solving skills

Kentwood Prep School is firmly dedicated to teaching students critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to evaluate information and apply their own reasoning when formulating responses. This thought process can be applied in a variety of scenarios throughout their academic journey, professional careers, and personal experiences. We've developed lesson plans with thought-provoking activities aimed at cultivating these skills in our students, leading to a more inquisitive attitude towards the world around them. Our faculty have worked diligently to create an inviting atmosphere where discussion, debate, and an open exchange of ideas are welcomed by all. With focused discipline and guidance, Kentwood Prep School intends to equip its students with these valuable capabilities that will stay with them for years to come.

Close monitoring of student with constant positive feedback

At Kentwood Prep School, we want to ensure that our student's academic and behavioral progress is closely monitored. We believe in providing highly personalized learning opportunities for each student and this starts with a close working relationship between the students and their faculty mentors. Our faculty also use weekly check-ins with each of their students in order to provide support, guidance, and a steady stream of positive feedback. By closely monitoring our student's performance with frequent positive reinforcement, we are able to build strong relationships together that help promote student success in the classroom and beyond.

Cooperative Learning & Skills-Based Environment

We also emphasize cooperative learning through groups in order to give students the opportunity to work together and build relationships with their peers while still getting an education. By working together in small groups, they learn how to collaborate, problem solve, communicate effectively, think critically and ultimately develop strong study habits. Additionally, our academic program is focused on teaching specific skills rather than just facts which gives students a more comprehensive understanding of the material being taught in class.

At Kentwood Prep School, we strive for excellence when it comes to providing a quality education for your children. Our Academic Program provides students with access to a fully integrated approach to learning which emphasizes critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, cooperative learning experiences, small class sizes with low student-to-staff ratios ,and an overall focus on building specific skills rather than simply memorizing facts. With this type of educational experience provided by our faculty members who truly care about each individual student's success, you can trust Kentwood Prep School as the best choice for your child's future!

An Exciting Time for Students

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Today is truly an exciting time to be a student. Insights into the different learning styles have come a long way in recent years and both parents and teachers can be encouraged by the advancements in learning materials that are tailored to a child's specific needs. Every child, regardless of their learning style, can learn and grow as a student when provided with the right materials and the right environment.


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