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Procedures and Requirements

All applicants must go through Kentwood's admission process. This process consists of:

  • Telephone inquiry / Appointment scheduled
  • Review of background information and data of social history, psychological testing, academic records, etc.
  • Private interview with students and brief screening
  • Private interview with family (parent/s) and campus tour
  • Based on screening, further testing or data may be required

If a student is accepted to Kentwood, the admission process moves to the finance department.

  • A scheduled appointment is necessary so that the appropriate staff are available to meet with parents and screen the potential student
  • Records and tests from other schools are considered during the admission process. It is also recommended that the student has been given a recent psycho-educational assessment, which assists us in ascertaining the student's learning style or needs. Parents are responsible for making sure the records are given to Kentwood at or prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • Each prospective applicant will have an introductory meeting with a school administrator and undergo a brief academic screening to help us determine his/her needs and levels.
  • The interview(s) and screening is an integral part of the admissions process, allowing the school and families to get to know one another. No student may be admitted into our program unless the student and his/her parent(s) have visited our program.


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