Friday January 27, 2017

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Birthdays at Kentwood Preparatory School

Bulletins From Mrs. Brown

--RETIREMENT….I have reached the end of a very enjoyable journey for a total of 12 years.  I will be retiring from this position as of March 1st.  My last day here will be February 28th.  I would like to thank you, my co-workers, the students and alumni of Kentwood Preparatory School.  Of course I will miss the people but, I am also looking forward to the next adventure in my life.  I will definitely be back from time to time to continue to partake in the Kentwood life.  Once again, thank you everyone!


SCHOOL CHOICE WEEK!...While we celebrate the choices we have in education, our students will celebrate it with “Spirit Week”.  Here’s the schedule:

For more information about the School Choice Program, go to:

--FIELD DAY ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 26TH….it also includes Sports Day attire! 

--NO SMOKING….often times we have to remind our “neighbors” that no smoking is allowed outside of our school.  We have noticed recently parents are smoking as well.  Please NO SMOKING in front of our school.  Thank you! 

Ms. Brown, Office and Community Relations Manager

Dautel's Dynamite Learners

Happy New Year! In Ms. Dautel's reading class we have started a series of books by Judy Blume. We are starting with Freckle Juice. In Ms. Dautel's language arts class, we arts class we are working on spelling and after the long break. In Ms. Dautel's math class we are reviewing the concepts we went over before the break, such as number families, algebra and count by problems. In Ms. Dautel's social studies class we are learning about weather in Florida and civil rights and suffer age. In Ms. Dautel's skills class we are reviewing class rules. I'm so glad everyone is back to have a great 2017!

Ms Dautel, Room 1

From Ms. Wiehl

Happy New Year and welcome back! We hope that you all had a wonderful winter break, but now we are all back to business. We have a few exciting things that we are looking forward to this quarter. First off, we have begun reading our new novel, “Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. The novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and "firemen" burn any that are found. The book's tagline explains the title: "Fahrenheit 451 -- the temperature at which book paper catches fire, and burns ..."In Math, we are introducing our new math program to all of our students to teach financial literacy preparing them to become independent and successful adults. In U S History class we are starting a new unit focusing on the time period of the Gilded Age.  "The term for this period came into use in the 1920s and 1930s and was derived from writer Mark Twain's 1873 novel The Gilded Age: A Tale of Today, which satirized an era of serious social problems masked by a thin gold gilding." The students are also continuing to work in groups on group projects and presentations. The School Choice week is next week, we encourage all of our students to participate, please review the information sheet for details. Thank you as always for your support. Have a wonderful weekend! 

Ms. Zhanara Wiehl, High School Principal 

Steinberg's School Cats

I hope all Kentwood families had a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!!  We are off to a great start this new calendar year!  In Reading, we are reading the novel "From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler". This is a story about Claudia, a young girl, and her brother who run away from the suburbs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.   Once they get there, they are entranced by the mystery of a statue and the possibility of it being the work of Michelangelo.  As the discoveries that surround the statue become evident, Claudia also makes some very important discoveries about herself.  In addition to our usual Social Skills lessons that we discuss during Skills class, we are also learning about Museums; their history, the different types of museums, and the different types of art found in them.  We will also be creating some examples of different types of art.  In Language Arts, we will continue our weekly spelling/vocabulary units as well as our Reading Comprehension practice and all the prerequisite skills that aid in improving comprehension.  We will be focusing much more on writing these last two semesters.  The kids will be expanding their creative writing skills while learning new concepts in writing:  grammar, new sentence structure, etc.  I am encouraging the kids to express themselves in their writing.  Some of the writing assignments will be shared with the class while it will be optional for others.  My goal is to facilitate passionate writers and so in doing this, some of their writing examples may be a bit personal.  I have told them that I will advise them at the very beginning of any assignment that will be shared with the class so they can have the freedom to express themselves freely with some writing projects without the fear of being embarrassed in front of their peers, while also gaining the very important experience of public speaking with others.  In Science, we have been discussing and identifying the Anatomy of a Cell, Homeostasis, and the concept of Nature vs. Nurture.  For those students who are new to Kentwood and are just starting their homework program, please help them to remember to check their agendas but do not make homework a source of stress at home.  Nothing academic is occurring once this happens.  If you are experiencing this, or any other issues with homework, please get in touch with me immediately!  We have many plans at Kentwood already set to help alleviate these issues. School Spirit Week is January 23-27 and is lots of fun!!  A flyer went home to let you know the theme of each day.  Please contact me with any questions. 

Ms. Steinberg, Room 4 Teacher

Destined Eminence

The high school students are getting along great. We are having a wonderful year.  The teamwork is outstanding! The kids remain focused on increasing their math skills. They are working independently and tutoring each other. By helping one another it increases their understanding significantly. It's working out to be a fantastic way for them to bond as well.

The essay writing is improving day by day.  The students are learning new ways to use their vocabulary to express their opinions and feelings on the essay topics.  This is a wonderful skill that will last them a lifetime and always be helpful when it comes to communicating with others.

The students are also working on social studies projects together on a weekly basis.   They are learning how to lead a group, work with a group, and they are learning the importance of their contribution to the group.  Spanish is lots of fun we are learning weather and coordinates. The kids are working on a Spanish-speaking country project currently. They will be doing a presentation of their chosen country in front of their peers.  The Spanish instructor will also interview them about their country and the students must answer the instructor in Spanish.

I cannot believe the year is half over already! We have been doing so much learning and having so much fun at the same time that time has just flown by.  We are looking forward to the students finishing this year feeling very fulfilled with what we have accomplished, both academically and socially. 

Ms. Osborne, Room 5

Lebo's Lions

The class is off to an excellent start as we begin the third marking period. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, a part of the Chronicles of Narnia series, is the novel we are now studying. This is an interesting book, and the students are quite intrigued by the story. Nonfiction reading comprehension and spelling (including analogies, comparisons, and context work) are two main points of emphasis in language arts. The comprehension work recently centered on the origin of state names. Proportions have been the focus for the majority of the math class. In addition, we have been spending quite a bit of time on "real life" reading problems that involve proportions. A few of the students have been graphing equations and finding slope. We just finished discussing the Civil War in social studies. Next, the students will be learning about how machines changed life in the United States. The students are currently studying ocean exploration in science. Specifically, we have been discussing Jacques Cousteau and his contributions. They have enjoyed learning of all he did and the things he developed. Skills continue to be a major part of our day. Recently, we have been talking about developing good friendships, using proper communication (especially when using social media), and understanding how to use common sense as a way to help with decision making. As always, we stress the importance of applying what is learned in skills class to situations in and out of the classroom. Overall, the students are doing very well, and I am quite proud of them!

Mr. Lebo, Room 4      

A Look Into the Learning Lab at Kentwood Prepartory School

Greetings from the Learning Lab! We hope you all had a fun, safe, and enjoyable holiday break. It was good to get back to routine, and pick up where we left off with our studies. The students were all so anxious to get back to "The Trumpet of the Swan". After reading chapter 15, and learning that Louis the Swan had ordered 12 watercress sandwiches from his room at The Ritz Carlton, the children became very curious about watercress. So, as a treat, we made, and ate, watercress sandwiches ourselves! What a treat! And what a hit it was! Also, be on the lookout for a field trip permission slip. We are planning on taking the students on a trip to learn about, feed, and interact with two real swans. They reside at The Embassy Suites in Palm Beach Gardens. This is a wonderful opportunity that will also tie into our class novel. Individual tasks continue to challenge our students, and move them forward towards continued success. As always, thank you again for your continued support, and for giving us the opportunity to work with your children. 

Ms. Mindy Costa, Learning Lab

Warren's Wiz Kids

Happy New Year to and from Ms. Warren's Whiz Kids. We are off to an eager start this new semester. In Reading class we are beginning a new novel titled "Dear Mr. Henshaw" by Beverly Cleary who won the Newberry Medley for Children's Literature for this novel. We will continue with Reading Comprehension Skills as well. In Language Arts: spelling, editing and writing and an essay will be the focus along with language mechanics. In Mathematics we will sharpen our addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.  In science we are studying Earth Science and are studying the three types of rocks, fossils and the Rock Cycle. In Social Studies the subject Geography with focus on the fundamentals: latitude, longitude, prime meridian and being able to locate places according to the degrees of each on a map or globe. In Skills we will have class discussions and role playing dealing with proper socialization skills and life skills in general. Everyone is in good spirits and eager to learn... GO WHIZ KIDS!!

Ms. Warren, Room 2

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