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Sep 2, 2016


September 5 – No School – Labor Day

September 9 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

September 9 – Interact Meeting 2:00

September 12 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

September 14 – Open House for parents of students Grades 1-12 (6-8:30).

September 15 – Field Day

September 16 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

September 16 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

September 16 – Registration Deadline for October 22nd ACT Test

September 20 – SAT Late Registration Deadline for October 1st SAT Test

September 23 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

September 23 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

September 23 – Interact Meeting 2:00

September 30 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

October 1 – SAT Test

October 2 – MCKAY – Private School enrollment deadline 

**More events are located at the end of the newsletter



September 9 – Ms. Wiehl

September 17 – Nicholas D.

September 17 – Tyler S.

September 18 – Dean C.

September 19 – Brady S.

September 20 – Peyton E.

September 22 – Will L.

September 25 – Pamela D.

September 29 – Sheila C.

October 1 – Mr. Lebo

October 4 – Christopher C.

October 4 – Kaaron H.

October 12 – John K.

October 17 – Lindsey S.

October 19 – Montana V.

October 28 – Madeleine W.

October 29 – Daniel G.

October 30 – Alexander P.



--OPEN HOUSE scheduled for September 14 from 6-8:30.  For the first time, we are including the High School parents so they can hear about the same things our Lower and Middle School students hear about.  Curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and the daily schedules are presented.  It’s also an opportunity to meet all the staff if you have not already done so.  We also use that time to schedule your Parent Teacher Conferences.  This year our conferences are on the following dates and run from 8:30-4:  October 21 and 24; December 22 and 23; and March 15 – 16.  Since all staff will be involved in the Open House, we are unable to provide child care. 

--FIELD DAY…September 15th.  Our first Field Day of the year incorporates the Lower and Middle School (sometimes the High School) participating in a full day of Physical Education.  They learn team basketball, play flag football, relay races, etc.  Students can wear their PE uniforms on that day.  The students really enjoy this day of competition and sharing the day with all other students.

--YEARBOOK CLUB is under way!  Nimai R. is the President and we are excited about the upcoming year.  We have a great list to start with.  We are currently working with just High School students so far, but will be adding lower/middle school students later in the year.

--INTERACT CLUB….  In the meantime, here is a small list of activities we will be working on this coming year:  Visiting the Nursing Home close to our school, working with Palm Beach County Substance Awareness at the South Florida Fair, Louisiana Flood Drive, Jump Rope for Heart, St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Delray Beach, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership) Conference, Trunk or Treat, Halloween Parade in Delray Beach, Beach Cleanup, Valentine’s Flower Sale, Forgotten Soldiers writing letters campaign, Dictionary stickers, Gleaning in January, Used Book Sale and a variety of other events.  Our Interact Club includes High School and 8th Grade students.  If your child wants to join, please let us know.  It is a great volunteer opportunity with a variety of venues.  Officers are:  President – Eli E., Vice President – Jake M., Recorder – and Alec F., and Treasurer – Corey O.  Other Board Members are:  Jose M., David F., Zachary T., Nimai R., Alex B.  Charter Members are:  Eli E., Jake M., Daniel G., Griffin B., John K., and Montana V.  Mrs. Etzler, President of the Delray Beach Rotary Club, has been so kind to guide us in this venture. 

--TRANSITIONS CONFERENCE EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION…This year the conference is being held January 27th from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at Lynn University.  Early Bird Registration will save you $10 if you register before December 2nd


Ms. Brown, Office and Community Relations Manager



Welcome to the new school year! We are Dautel's Dynamite Learners! I am so excited to kick this year off right! In my reading class, we are starting Charlotte's Web! The children seem to like it already. In my language arts class we are working on answering questions from a document. We will soon start spelling words so keep an eye out for them in agendas. In my math class we are working on place value and addition. In my science class we are learning about the scientific process and will do an experiment to show it. In my skills   class we are working on classroom rules and how to address a problem. I'm so happy to have my class and we are all ready to do great!

Ms Dautel, Room 1



We are off to a fantastic start!  The first week we focused primarily on getting to know each other, school rules and the Kentwood system. This year's courses are Research Writing, Advanced Composition, United States History, Math, Chemistry, Spanish, Debate, and Communication.  We have already begun learning some grammar basics, our names and numbers in Spanish, some interesting facts and important events from the history of the United States. The students are working on several writing assignments each week not only in English classes, but also in Social Studies classes to research different events and important figures.  The students are working on their first group assignment in Social Studies which allows them to be creative and practice already learned important skills.  The year promises to be busy and full of new things to learn and experience! Just a reminder: Uniform checks are done each day; students must be in proper Kentwood attire. They will have the opportunity to dress down on certain school days based on correct uniform.  I look forward to meeting all of the parents during our conference times. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions or concerns. Thank You!

Ms. Zhanara Wiehl, High School Principal



Welcome back returning students and families and welcome all new students and families!!!  Yes, it sounds cliché', but it's been a great start to a new year which makes me very excited for the year to come.  We've finished our beginning of the year diagnostic testing and are making sure that all prerequisite skills are intact to have a very productive year academically.  We've been spending time going through the new 7th grade expectations with our curriculum.  The color systems remain, systems of organization remain, but we just "step it up", making for a great transition.  In reading, we began our new novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" which the kids are enjoying very much!!  You can hear a pin drop in the room when we are reading!  We read together so that we can stop and discuss different topics as they come up:  character development, theme, prediction, new vocabulary, etc.  In Language Arts, we are working the different parts of a novel: setting, plot, author's purpose, etc. and will begin working  in our Document Based Questions books next week; using various sources to locate and identify information, whether it is clearly stated or needs interpretation.  We have been using these skills in Science class to determine exactly how and why we learn science and do experiments, which will lead us into a more detailed examination of the scientific process. In Social Studies, we have begun our Geography Unit by identifying the location of all 50 states in the U.S. and exploring their similarities and differences.   We will begin homework starting next week, so for all returning students, please be on the lookout for the Red Homework folders, Spelling homework, and Math homework.  Several parents have already begun using the new REMIND method of communication.  I urge all parents to sign up for it, (It's quite easy, and you just need my class code which is located in the email that went out).  Communication is very easy and efficient through this method, as I only receive messages from parents, so I can quickly see on my phone if I have a parent message and respond as early as possible.    If you have any questions or comments, please always feel free to email me and I will call you as soon as I can.  Looking forward to a great year!!!!

Ms. Steinberg, Room 4 Teacher



The High School is off to a great start this year.  In Ms. Osborne's math class, we are reviewing our Algebra 1 concepts before diving into Algebra 2.  The students are working independently on the lessons from Algebra 1, and then completing the chapter assessments for reinforcement. 

It is going very well; the students are able to refresh themselves on the Algebra 1 concepts before they attempt Algebra 2.  Chemistry began this year with standard textbook work.  The students were reading each chapter and completing assessments for each section of each chapter.  We will begin doing Chemistry labs next week.  We will be doing chemistry labs every other week and working from our text books on our off weeks from the chemistry lab.  I am looking forward to many hands on experiments and activities this year.  Spanish classes are keeping the kids intrigued.  They seem to enjoy learning a new way to communicate.  They are learning Spanish grammar and context and it is beginning to be lots of fun. In the future, we will be doing many fun activities that will incorporate Spanish culture.   I anticipate the students having a fulfilling year :)

Ms. Osborne, Room 5



The class is off to a tremendous start as we begin the 2016-2017 school year. Bridge to Terabithia is the first novel we are reading in English class. The students have really enjoyed the beginning stages of the book as they learn the traits of the main and secondary characters. We have been focusing on nonfiction reading comprehension in the early stages of language arts. In addition to recalling details, the students have been distinguishing between fact and opinion, utilizing context to understand vocabulary, and answering inference questions. "Real life math" has been the early focus in math class. Specifically, we have been working on problems that relate to calculating sales tax, determining discounts, and figuring out commissions. Beginning lessons in science class include discussions about deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, and paleontology. In social studies, the class will be learning about American history up to and including World War I, geography, and economics. We have spent much of the first couple of weeks talking about the different continents, directions, and oceans. In addition, the election process has been discussed. Social skills are a big part of our program. On many days, we dedicate a class to the subject. As of late, the students have been learning about how to deal with people who are bossy, individuals who always interrupt, and those who make poor choices. We emphasize the importance of applying what is learned in social skills class to situations inside and outside of school. Overall, the students are doing very well, and I am quite proud of them!

Mr. Lebo, Room 4



Greetings from the Learning Lab. We hope everyone had a wonderful summer, but now we're back to business!  After spending time testing and evaluating, we opened our Lab this past week. We spent time going over the routines and expectations in our classroom. We've done several getting acquainted activities to prepare the students for the tasks and materials that they will be using in the Lab. Each child has already been supplied with a binder filled with curriculum materials that were individualized for him/her. We've taken photos in preparation for our bonus bucks program, which will begin next week. We will also be beginning our first class novel at that time. We've introduced the Caterpillar Reading Club, in which your children will have an opportunity to choose books from our classroom library, or bring a book from home, to be read during D.E.A.R. Time (Drop Everything and Read). We'll provide you with more information about the Reading Club as time progresses. We are looking forward to a wonderful and productive year, and we look forward to seeing you all at the Kentwood Open House. As always, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to work with your child. 

Ms. Mindy Costa, Learning Lab



This new school year should be filled with challenges and excitement as our class, Ms Warren’s Wiz Kids, is off to a great start. We have begun reading our first novel, SHILOH. In Language Arts, spelling and comprehension are the focus. Math proves to be fun and challenging as we are exploring the world of Whole Numbers, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. Science and Social Studies will include projects and experiments to make our lessons fun and interesting. Great days ahead for Ms. Warren's Wiz Kids!

Ms. Warren, Room 2



First and Foremost, I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of the Kentwood students and families for your generosity assisting the state of Louisiana during this devastating time. Through your generous contributions we were able to raise nearly $700.00 to cover our shipping cost and over donations which ranged from diapers to dog food.  Giving back and assisting others in need is very important in my life.  And I feel very fortunate to be in a school that permits me to carry out this mission throughout the school. Why do we focus on charity at Kentwood you ask?? Teaching kids about charity can be rewarding for both parents and the children. Learning about giving and helping others gives children a feeling of empowerment in an uncertain world where unexpected and frightening events occur.  A great way to reinforce charitable values is to make giving a family activity. Encourage everyone in your household to participate in volunteer activities, and praise your children when they show generosity and empathy to others. It is especially important to teach young ones that they are part of a larger community, and that we are responsible for everyone around us. By giving the value of charity a central role in the family dynamic, you can encourage your child to grow up with a healthy sense of compassion and a strong charitable spirit. There are many ways a child can learn the value of giving and plenty of volunteer opportunities for kids. Setting up a charity box in the home can show how even a little bit of money can make a difference when given with a good heart. Encourage them to donate old toys, school supplies, and clothing to other needy children. It is also a good idea to teach your little ones that donating time can be just as powerful and good as donating money and things. Take the whole family for an outing serving dinner at a local soup kitchen or make a habit of keeping a basket of fruit or snacks in the car to give to hungry people in need. It is easier for younger children to understand more direct and concrete examples of charitable giving. They know they love their favorite toys and dolls, so you can explain to them that not everyone is fortunate to have toys to play with. Encouraging them to donate toys they've outgrown will help them see that they can make a real difference in other people's lives. Likewise you can help them set up a charity box to put part of their allowance or loose change in or help them donate old clothes to other special girls and boys. Making philanthropic donations a regular activity around the house will reinforce charitable values in your children's lives.  The new school year is well under way and running VERY smoothly I might ad...I am very pleased with everything I am seeing in the classrooms. The students all seem so engaged in the lessons (a huge thank you to all of our amazing teachers) and have picked right back up with the Kentwood structure and routine.  All of our new students are adjusting extremely well. I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new students and their families this year. I am confident that this will be one of your most successful and beneficial school years yet! Hope to see everyone at Open House!!!!   As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Have a fabulous weekend and ENJOY YOUR CHILDREN!!!! :)

Ms. Elizabeth Shope, Director and Guidance Counselor



(Dates are tentative and subject to change) 

October 3 – No School – Fall holiday

October 7 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

October 7 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

October 7 – SAT Registration Deadline for November 5th SAT Test

October 11 – School Pictures (9-Noon) for Yearbook, Class Pictures, and Student IDs

October 12 – No School – Fall holiday

October 14 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

October 14 – Interact Meeting 2:00

October 19 – Dress Down for Scholarship $5

October 20 – Field Day

October 21 – No School - Parent Teacher Conferences.

October 22 – ACT Test

October 24 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

October 25 – SAT Late Registration Deadline for November 5th SAT Test

October 28 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

October 28 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

October 28 – Interact Meeting 2:00

October 31 – Trunk or Treat

November 1 – Beginning of National School Choice Essay and Art Contest

November 1 – MCKAY – Payment Date

November 3 – SAT Registration Deadline for December 3rd SAT Test

November 4 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

November 4 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

November 4 – Registration Deadline for December 10 ACT Test

November 5 – SAT Test

November 8 – No School – Teacher Workday

November 10 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

November 11 – No School – Veterans Day

November 15 – School Picture Retake (individual) and Senior Pictures

November 17 – Field Day

November 18 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

November 18 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

November 18 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

November 22 – Thanksgiving Dinner at Kentwood!

November 22 – SAT Late Registration Deadline for December 3rd SAT Test

November 23-24-25 – No School – Thanksgiving

November 30 – End of National School Choice Essay and Art Contest

December 2 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

December 2 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

December 3 – SAT Test

December 3 – MCKAY – Parental Intent deadline

December 9 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

December 9 – Interact Meeting 2:00

December 10 – ACT Test

December 15 – Field Day

December 16 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

December 16 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

December 16 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

December 21 – Dress Down for Scholarship $5

December 21 – SAT Registration Deadline for January 21st SAT Test

December 22 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

December 23 – No School Parent Teacher Conferences

December 26-January 9 – No School – Winter Vacation

January 2 – MCKAY – Private school enrollment deadline

January 10 – SAT Late Registration Deadline for January 21st SAT Test

January 10 – No School – Teacher Workday

January 13 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

January 13 – Interact Meeting 2:00

January 13 – Registration Deadline for February 11 ACT Test

January 16 – No School – MLK Day

January 20 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

January 20 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

January 21 – SAT Test

January 22 through January 28 – National School Choice Week

January 26 – Field Day

January 27 – Transitions 2017 Conference 7:30-3:30 @ Lynn University

January 27 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

January 27 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

January 27 – Interact Meeting 2:00

January 31 – MCKAY – Parental intent deadline

February 1 – MCKAY – Payment date

February 3 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

February 3 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

February 6 – No School – Teacher Workday

February 10 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

February 10 – Interact Meeting 2:00

February 10 – SAT Registration Deadline for March 11th SAT Test

February 11 – ACT Test

February 13 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

February 15 – High School Meeting for 8th grade Parents (evening)

February 17 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

February 17 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

February 20 – No School – President’s Day

February 23 – Field Day

February 24 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

February 24 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

February 24 – Interact Meeting 2:00

February 28 – SAT Late Registration Deadline for March 11th SAT Test

March 2 – MCKAY – Private school enrollment deadline

March 3 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

March 3 – Yearbook Committee Meeting 2:00

March 3 – Registration Deadline for April 8th ACT Test

March 8 – Dress Down for Scholarship $5

March 10 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

March 10 – Interact Meeting 2:00

March 11 – SAT Test* (No SAT Subject Tests)

March 14 – Field Day

March 15 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

March 16 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

March 17 – March 27 – No School – Spring  Break

March 28 – No School – Teacher Workday

March 31 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

April 1 – MCKAY – Payment date

April 7 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

April 7 – SAT Registration Deadline for May 6th SAT Test

April 8 – ACT Test

April 11 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

April 14 – No School – Spring Holiday

April 20 – Field Day

April 21 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

April 21 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

April 25 – SAT Late Registration Deadline for May 6th SAT Test

April 28 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

April 28 – Interact Meeting 2:00

May 1 through 5 – Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3 – Teacher Appreciation Day

May 5 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

May 5 – Registration Deadline for June 10th ACT Test

May 6 – SAT Test

May 9 – SAT Registration Deadline for June 3rd SAT Test

May 12 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

May 12 – Interact Meeting 2:00

May 17 – Dress Down for Scholarship $5

May 19 - Library for High School Group 1:30 – 2:30

May 21 – Graduation/Awards Ceremony

May 23 – Girls Club Meeting @ 1:00

May 24 – SAT Late Registration Deadline for June 3rd SAT Test

May 25 – Field Day

May 26 – Last Day of regular classes

May 29 – Memorial Day

June 3 – SAT Test

June 5 – Summer Camp begins (tentative)

June 10 – ACT Test

June 12 – Summer School begins (tentative)

July 4 – No Camp – Independence Day

July 7 – Summer School ends (tentative)

July 14 – Summer Program ends (tentative)



  1. Lantana and Aquarius Blvd (Lakes of Sherbook at Bonita Isle Entrance) – Can drive either AM or PM.
  1. Seacrest Blvd. and Federal Highway
  1. Gateway and Jog (can drive either AM or PM)
  1. Yamato Road and Military Trail (can drive either AM or PM)
  1. Military and Haverhill (can drive AM only)
  1. Congress and Alemeda Drive (can drive either AM or PM)
  1. Linton Blvd. and I-95 (can drive either AM or PM)
  1. Boynton Beach Blvd and Lyons or Jog Road (Can drive PM only)
  1. Boynton Beach Blvd. and Acme Dairy (can drive either AM or PM)
  1. Hypoluxo and Hagen Ranch Road (can drive either AM or PM)
  1. 441/State Road 7 and Palmetto Park Blvd.
  1. Military and Hypoluxo



7:30-8:30 – Before Care

8:30-3 – School Hours

8-4:30 – Office Hours

3:15 – 5:30 – After Care



Office – 561-649-6141 (8-4:30)

Fax – 561-649-6142

Aftercare Line – 561-309-7708 (from 3:15-5:30)

Mrs. Lent, Business Manager – 561-649-6178 (8-4:30)

Mrs. Lent’s Fax – 561-649-6142

Embroidery Plus – 561-439-8943 (school uniforms and PE Uniforms) Hours: 8-4:30

Embroidery Plus email:

Embroidery Plus:  Their new address is 824 W. Lantana Road (East of I-95 in the Domino’s Pizza plaza.)

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