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Jul 12, 2016


August 2 – MCKAY – Private school enrollment deadline

August 11 – New Parent Orientation

August 15 – First Day of School for High School students only

August 16 – First Day of School for Lower and Middle School students only

August 17 – School for all students

**More events are located at the end of the newsletter


July 13 – Isaiah B.

July 14 – Thailor L.

July 15 – David D.

July 16 – Tarence C.

July 17 – Aeriel G.

July 18 – Jake M.

July 19 – Caleb “Matthew” L.

July 19 – Angel S.

July 27 – Erik C.

July 28 – Ethan H.

July 29 – Sheila C.

August 9 – Ms. Caskill

August 13 – David F.



--SUMMER OFFICE HOURS…now that Camp is over Office Hours will be from 9-3.  However, if you need to stop by during other times, just let me know.  Thanks!

--IMMUNIZATION AND SCHOOL ENTRY HEALTH EXAM forms need updated for 7th graders and NEW STUDENTS at Kentwood.   We have audited our records and have notified those parents if their child needs an updated Immunization Record or School Entry Health Exam form.  Students cannot start school unless we have these forms.  Don’t wait until the Doctors offices are booked!

--STUDENT PACKETS ARE OUT!  They were sent out via email last week.  If you didn’t get one, please contact the Front Office and we will re-send.    The deadline is August 1st!


We emailed the complete Student Packet.  These are the form fill-in type of documents.  You can type right in the document with your computer.  The signatures are digital and you may have to set that up to do so.  Once you're done with a document save it to your computer and email it back to me.  Please remember, every form must be completed and check on two-page forms.  

Once we receive them, we will check them to make sure everything is complete and we may let you know by return email if something needs to be fixed.  Some of you may not feel comfortable doing the electronic version.  If not, feel free to print out and complete by hand.  You can either return them by fax or scan and send by email.  The rest of you may not feel comfortable doing that either.  Let me know when you want to stop by and pick up a copy of the packet to take home with you to complete or you can fill out in the office.  Once we receive the documents they are reviewed for accuracy, logged in, and scanned into the student's file.  We do need the packet back by August 1st or a late fee will be assessed.  This is important because we need to have time for processing and preparation for the teachers when they return August 8th.  This will give them time to review their students' files and prepare treatment plans.  Lists are created using the contact information which is important for our School Messenger service which we will use to contact you especially in cases of weather or other emergencies.  We will also develop our Transportation list for van service and for carpool requests.  We will also make our packet available on our website.  If you have any questions, just give me a call.  We are very excited about the upcoming school year! 

-- STAFF RETURN TO KENTWOOD ON AUGUST 8th.  This week will involve preparation for the school year to begin and lots of staff training and meetings.  Testing for individual students are by appointment only.  Parents will be notified if testing is needed.

--NEW PARENT ORIENTATION 6-7:30 p.m.– New parents (and other parents who didn’t attend the Orientation last year) are welcome to attend to hear how the Kentwood program works!  Please RSVP.  Childcare will be available if needed.  This is a very important event to attend.  It should answer all your questions.

-- TEEN TOUR SUCCESS!  Our first year doing the Teen Tour was a success!  Based on that, we hope to expand the program next year!  Thank you to Mr. Lebo for directing the Teen Tour and to Mrs. Lent for organizing the trips as well as the other staff who went along on trips to help.

--SCHOOL MESSENGER APP…will work for parents once we get all the packet information turned in.  We will submit the phone number and the email address and once it recognizes that information, it will let you use the app.

--BUS TRANSPORTATION ROUTES….will be worked on a couple of weeks before school starts.  This is why we set the August 1st deadline.  The Transportation form contains the information we need to work on the bus routes.  Ms. Lent will be coordinating with the bus drivers as well.  Thank you. 

--SCHOOL UNIFORMS HAVE NOT CHANGED….This is the information for the shop we use to do our uniforms:


Embroidery Plus – 561-439-8943 (school uniforms and PE Uniforms) Hours: 8-4:30

Embroidery Plus email:

Embroider Plus:  Their new address is 824 W. Lantana Road (East of I-95 in the Domino’s Pizza plaza.)



Ms. Brown, Office and Community Relations Manager



Week Two Notes:

The second week of camp was a ton of fun! Laser Quest is an incredible venue, and the campers had a great time! We played three games; the first two games consisted of each camper playing as an individual  while the last game involved each camper being part of a team. With each player picking a unique nickname, they loved navigating the maze in an attempt to find their opponent. Classic movie music was pumped through the speakers adding to the experience. Exploring through the Everglades on an airboat was the focus of Tuesday's trip. We were fortunate to come across an alligator just a few feet away from the boat (kids were safe). In addition, the campers were able to see a panther and other unique animals during the tour of the wildlife park. Xtreme Action Park in Ft. Lauderdale was the destination Wednesday. They had a lot of fun bowling and playing a variety of amazing video games. There were even some classic carnival games for the campers to play. We ventured to Universal Studios on Thursday. The group had an absolutely amazing time! It is incredible there, and the campers loved the different attractions and shows. Their experiences on such rides as Harry Potter, Men In Black, The Simpsons, ET,and Shrek were awesome! They also really enjoyed spending time with each other.  Stopping to get food, socializing in the van, and sharing the stories with their friends were all things they will never forget. We went to Lake Worth Beach on Friday. It was beautiful morning, and the campers enjoyed swimming in the ocean and spending time on the beach. We concluded the day with some pizza at one of the local restaurants located right across from the water. It was another fantastic week!

Week Three Notes:

The third week of camp was filled with more fun activities! On Monday, the group went on a "Duck Tour" through Miami Beach. The vehicle was able to drive around the streets of South Beach, and it was able to turn itself into an actual boat. Therefore, we cruised around Biscayne Bay and took in all the sights. The campers were amazed at all there was to see! The group went to see the movie Warcraft on Tuesday, and we followed the film with a trip to the Golden Corral. They all loved both the movie and the food! We traveled to Marlins Park on Wednesday to watch the team play the Atlanta Braves. A beautiful facility, the air conditioned park provided for a comfortable atmosphere for the campers to watch a game. In addition to an exciting game in which the Marlins won, there were plenty of fun activities between innings to keep them interested. For example, there are enormous screens all over the park, and our group was on the screen at least twice! We headed to Homestead for a trip to Safari Edventure on Thursday, There are many rescue animals there, and the group was educated and entertained by a a very informative presentation. An enormous python, an alligator, a skunk, and a tarantula were among those that the campers had an opportunity to hold and/ or pet. In addition, we had the opportunity to pet wolves! An extremely unique experience, the group was astonished at the behavior of these wolves; animals that had been raised to be social around humans. Most of the wolves were rescued from difficult situations at a relatively young age and were then raised at the facility. On Friday, we traveled to Hollywood, Florida for out weekly beach trip. It is different than many of the beaches in Palm Beach County due to it having a boardwalk. Not the traditional boardwalk that many of us who are from the northeast are accustomed to, it is an extremely wide sidewalk with many different restaurants. Some of the campers took a walk on the boardwalk with one of the teachers, while the rest of the group spent that time continuing to swim in the ocean and play on the beach. All who were there had a great time! 

Mr. Lebo, Teen Tour Camp Director 


(Dates are tentative and subject to change)

August 15 – High School students only attend this first day of school—8:30-3.  Students in grades 1-8 do not attend school on this day.

August 15 – High School Parent Orientation 6-7:30.  The specifics of our High School program are presented along with discussion of curriculum, credits, Honor Society, etc. 

August 16 – Grades 1 through 8 begin school 8:30-3.  High School students do not attend school this day.

September 1 – MCKAY – Payment date

September 2 – MCKAY – Parental intent deadline

September 5 – No School – Labor Day

September 12 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

September 14 – Open House for parents of students Grades 1-8 (6-8:30). This is for parents who want to meet their child’s homeroom teacher, other staff, and parents of students in their child’s class.  The day-to-day schedule is reviewed along with other Kentwood programs.  Parents are also given the opportunity to schedule Parent Teacher Conferences for the school year.

October 2 – MCKAY – Private School enrollment deadline

October 3 – No School – Fall holiday

October 12 – No School – Fall holiday

October 21 – No School - Parent Teacher Conferences.

October 24 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

November 1 – MCKAY – Payment Date

November 8 – No School – Teacher Workday

November 10 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

November 11 – No School – Veterans Day

November 23-24-25 – No School – Thanksgiving

December 3 – MCKAY – Parental Intent deadline

December 22 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

December 23 – No School Parent Teacher Conferences

December 26-January 9 – No School – Winter Vacation

January 2 – MCKAY – Private school enrollment deadline

January 10 – No School – Teacher Workday

January 16 – No School – MLK Day

January 31 – MCKAY – Parental intent deadline

February 1 – MCKAY – Payment date

February 6 – No School – Teacher Workday

February 13 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

February 15 – High School Meeting for 8th grade Parents (evening)

February 20 – No School – President’s Day

March 2 – MCKAY – Private school enrollment deadline

March 15 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

March 16 – No School – Parent Teacher Conferences

March 17 – March 27 – No School – Spring  Break

March 28 – No School – Teacher Workday

April 1 – MCKAY – Payment date

April 11 – MCKAY – Deadline to endorse McKay check

April 14 – No School – Spring Holiday

May 26 – Last Day of regular classes

May 29 – Memorial Day

June 5 – Summer Camp begins (tentative)

June 12 – Summer School begins (tentative)

July 4 – No Camp – Independence Day

July 7 – Summer School ends (tentative)

July 14 – Summer Program ends (tentative) 


7:30-8:30 – Before Care

8:30-3 – School Hours

8-4:30 – Office Hours

3:15 – 5:30 – After Care


Office – 561-649-6141 (8-4:30)

Fax – 561-649-6142

Aftercare Line – 561-309-7708 (from 3:15-5:30)

Mrs. Lent, Business Manager – 561-649-6178 (8-4:30)

Mrs. Lent’s Fax – 561-649-6142

Embroidery Plus – 561-439-8943 (school uniforms and PE Uniforms) Hours: 8-4:30

Embroidery Plus email:

Embroider Plus:  Their new address is 824 W. Lantana Road (East of I-95 in the Domino’s Pizza plaza.)

Facebook – Kentwoodprep Lantana


Interact Facebook Page:





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