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Thursday April 14, 2016


April 8 – No School – Teacher Workday

April 8 – Registration Deadline for May 7th SAT

April 11 – Library for High School

April 12 – Library for Room 2 – 1:20-2:40

April 12 – CHADD Meeting 7-8:30

April 14 – Field Day for Entire School

April 14 – Interact Board Meeting @ 2:00

April 15 – High School PE (Beach) 9-1:30

April 15 – Cast Party 6:00 – 8:30 pm

April 18 – Library for High School

April 19 – Library for Room 1 – 1:20-2:40

April 21 – Interact Meeting @ 2:00

April 22 – High School PE (Bowling) – 10-1

April 25 – Library for High School

April 26 – Library for Room 4 – 1:20-2:40

April 28 – Field Day for Entire School – 9:30-2

April 29 – Learning Lab Field Trip to Lion Country Safari 9-2:30

May 2 – Library for High School

May 2 through May 6 – Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3 – Library for Room 3 – 1:20 – 2:40

May 5 – Registration Deadline for June 4th SAT

May 6 – Registration Deadline for June 11th ACT

May 6 – High School PE (Beach) 9-1:30

May 9 – Library for High School

May 10 – Library for Room 2 – 1:20-2:40

May 11 – Dress Down for Scholarship - $5

May 12 – Field Day for Entire School – 9:30-2

May 12 – Interact Board Meeting @ 2:00

May 13 – Orlando Trip for High School students (first come first serve)

May 16 – Library for High School

May 17 – Library for Room 1 – 1:20-2:40

May 19 – Interact Meeting @ 2:00

May 20 – High School PE (Beach) – 9:30-2

May 22 – Graduation and Awards Ceremony

May 23 – Library for High School

May 24 – Library for Room 4 – 1:20-2:40

May 26 – Field Day for Entire School 9:30-2

May 27 – Last Day of School

**More events are located at the end of the newsletter


April 11 – Aidan A.

April 12 – Sarah C.

April 14 – Kyle H.

April 15 – Dylan G.

April 15 – Daniel K.

April 17 – Ethan J.

April 17 – Brett S.

April 19 – Shahim N.

April 20 – Jahsiah M.

April 23 – Spencer G.

April 24 – Christopher S.

April 24 – Renick H.

April 25 – Bailey K.

April 25 – Carlos R.

April 28 – Max T.

April 29 – Mr. Caiazzo

May 2 – Forest B.

May 3 – Zach T.

May 3 – Dawson D.

May 4 – Sam (Boca Van Driver)

May 5 – Mrs. Brown

May 8 – Griffin B.


--REMINDER!  No School Friday, April 8th.  It is a Teacher’s Workday. 

--NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NOW AT KENTWOOD!  Kentwood Preparatory School is proud to announce that we have been accepted as a new Chapter of the National Honor Society.  “The National Honor Society was established to recognize superior achievement in high school students, and to acknowledge students demonstrating distinction in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Through the National Honor Society, students are not only commended for their accomplishments, but also challenged to learn and grow via direct involvement in both school activities and community service.”  We look forward to Kentwood students becoming members of the National Honor Society, with the prestige, recognition and opportunities that are associated with this privilege.  A huge thank you to Ms. Wiehl for her efforts expended in attaining this prestigious affiliation. 

--SUMMER CAMP APPLICATIONS AVAILABLE !  Contact the Front Office if interested in either the Lower School Camp or the Teen Camp.

--WITH THE LONG STRETCH OF SCHOOL DAYS AHEAD we try to add in some field trips and have a couple of extra field days.  So watch Facebook or our website for new scheduled events! 

--SCHOOL YEAR 2016-17 enrollments filled up fast!  We have a very high return rate and have a few openings in each class.  Our enrollments are now open to the public!

--CAST PARTY will be held on April 15th from 6-8:30.  This is only for those students who participated in the play.  Pizza, soda, and a DJ will be available for a fun time!  Tickets must be purchased by April 14th at noon….cost $10.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

--MCKAY CHECKS….if you receive the McKay Scholarship and you haven’t endorsed your check yet, you have until April 11th.  Thank you!

--RYLA CANDIDATES CHOSEN!  The two High School students who were chosen to attend the RYLA Conference (Rotary Youth Leadership) are Jake M. and Jenavive B.  CONGRATULATIONS!

--PERFECT ATTENDANCE 3RD QUARTER…Jaden A. – Alex B. – Alex B. – Toni D. – Alec F. – Daniel G. – Kyle H. – Bailey K. – Will L. – Scott M. – Ethan N. – Corey O. – Andrick P. – Alexander P. – Nimai R. – Carlos R. – Christopher S. – Lindsey S. – Taesean S. – Brady S. – Zach T. – Juliet Valdez.  GOOD JOB TO THE STUDENTS and THE PARENTS!

--AFTERCARE IN COMPUTER LAB ON MONDAYS from 3:15-4:30.  Aftercare will then move to the Rec Center from 4:30-5:30.  To pick up your child between 3:15 and 4:30, please go through the door marked 6210 D1.  Thank you!

--SAVE THE DATE for school pictures next year…October 11th and the retake day (along with Senior Pictures) will be November 15th.

--TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK coming up May 2 through May 6th

--GRADUATION AND AWARDS CEREMONY scheduled for May 22nd.  This is one of the most important events scheduled for our school.  This is when not only our 5th, 8th, and 12th grade students graduate to the next level in their life, but we honor students who have managed to exceed academic, social, extracurricular activity and community service goals.  This is their moment to shine in front of their peers, staff, family and friends.  Mark the date on your calendar and start telling family members to plan on attending.  Every student gets an award!  The ceremony includes our famous slide show of the year in review, speeches by graduates and parents, presentation of graduation diplomas, and award certificates and trophies, and music.  It’s a very touching event and will always be a memory to treasure.  This is the time for your child to shine! 

Ms. Brown, Office and Community Relations Manager 


Greetings from the Learning Lab! It's hard to believe, but we're really into the homestretch of the school year. We have finished our novel, "The Best School Year Ever", and the students have completed a vocabulary matching activity, which included the new vocabulary words that were introduced throughout the novel. For many of them, this was a first experience of taking an open book test. Everyone worked very hard, and did quite well. Our next literature adventure is another sequel to "The Boxcar Children", called "Mystery Ranch". Aside from the plot, we will be using the novel to introduce a language arts unit on prefixes, suffixes, and roots. We continue our study of endangered species, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed our field trip to Manatee Lagoon. Although we never got to see any live manatees because the natural waters were all too warm, we enjoyed the guided tour and presentation by an expert from the facility. The highlight of the trip for us was the fact that all our students were responding correctly and appropriately to all the questions that were posed by the guide. It was rewarding for us to see how much knowledge they shared with the expert. After that, we had a fun picnic lunch in the park and playground. We look forward to another field trip at the end of the month. Information will be forthcoming. We enjoyed seeing you all at conferences, and giving you the opportunity to see your child's work. We are still planning our auction for sometime next month, and hope that you will, once again, be generous, and sent in some items to be auctioned. Thank you again for all your support, and for giving us the opportunity to work with your children.

Ms. Costa, Learning Lab Coordinator


Welcome back! I hope Spring break was safe, fun and restful for everyone. The last quarter of the school year is shaping up to be filled with fun, excitement and new experiences! We have started the new novel, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. I am looking forward to the students identifying and discussing the main points of the novel. In Geometry, we are working on finding the Perimeter and Area of different figures.  In Communication class, we will be developing persuasive skills and learning how to present an argument in the most productive and respectful way. We have spent our first days back from vacation on activities that will both teach new skills and use the skills we have spent the year learning. Several educational and social field trips are scheduled during this quarter, permission slips and information will be sent home soon. 

Ms. Wiehl, Room 7 Teacher

Assistant Principal – High School


I hope everybody had a fun and restful Spring Break!  It is hard to believe we are in the final stretch of this school year! In our Math class, we are continuing to work on coordinate systems, graphs, functions, slope and solving linear equations.  In our English class we have begun to introduce our new novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens, in which we will be focusing on plot, characterization and theme.  We will also continue to concentrate on reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, and grammar skills.  In writing we are beginning our unit on narrative essays which focus on personal experiences.  In our Geography classes, we are wrapping up our unit on Latin America and will begin our new unit on Africa and the Middle East next week.  We are also working on the next phase of our Countries around the World Tour group research projects, and the students are hard at work creating their multimedia presentations to share with their peers. It is so exciting to see the students grow in their cooperative learning skills and really work as a team.  This has been such a fantastic school year and such a new journey in my career.  I am beyond proud of all our high school students’ growth and all they have accomplished this year. I am definitely feeling sentimental as we prepare our Seniors for graduation and their next steps in life.  I look forward to these last couple months and a fantastic close to our school year!

Ms. Blake, Room 5 Teacher


Well, we're down to our last few newsletters. We are already involved in Tom Sawyer, and as I had hoped, they are actually enjoying it. We read a little and then put it into more common kid talk, and they see how much they actually have in common with Tom Sawyer. I told them it would be a cool novel! In social studies we are still working on our businesses, which have proved to be a class favorite! Our trips to the library become more and more successful and the students' behavior is phenomenal! In math we are closing the book on decimals, just checking to make sure that we've got all of our skills down pat. Social skills evolve as the day goes but we still have time in the afternoon to discuss topics like nutrition, manners, and our new-found needs for Independence and privacy. The kids are doing such a great job!!

Ms. Steinberg, Room 3 Teacher


The students continue to do a fine job as we make our way through the fourth marking period. The Hobbit is an extremely interesting novel with a host of amazing characters. This has led to a lot of good class talks. We have been paying particular attention to the use of figurative language. The students have enjoyed reading the different similes, metaphors, and proverbs, for it makes for a more interesting story. The reading comprehension work in language arts has focused a great deal on understanding the different types of conflict and the ways in which a story can be built around the conflict. Specifically, we have been looking at internal and external conflict, the ways in which the characters deal with the conflict, and the resolution. In addition, we have been reviewing the use of adjectives and adverbs. The math class is progressing nicely. The students are working to solve different types of equations: one and two step equations, rate equations, and slope equations. The use of word problems is utilized frequently, for it shows the "real world" application of math. In science, we have been discussing the water cycle and the different bodies of water. For example, the students are learning about lakes, oceans, rivers, and streams. Economics continues to be the focus in social studies. Most recently, the students learned about competition in business, and different examples were brought about to discuss. The students have really enjoyed this, and it has led to a great amount of class participation. We will be turning our attention toward the steps involved in starting a business, and the students will be developing their own business ideas. Skills continues to be an extremely important part of our program, for we discuss throughout the day whenever need be. However, we also set aside a few periods a week specifically for social skills. Recently, we went over the importance of being properly assertive, as opposed to being aggressive or passive, when dealing with others. For example, if one is in a difficult conflict with a friend, we discussed how to properly express oneself in a polite manner without being aggressive or passive. In addition, we talked about the different ways in which people can be difficult. The proper ways to socialize with difficult people was discussed in order to help the students when encountering these situations. As always, we mention the importance of applying what is learned in skills to situations inside and outside of class. Overall, the students are doing very well, and I am quite proud of them!

Mr. Lebo – Room 4 Teacher

Guidance and Assistant Principal - Lower/Middle School


Hello everyone!  I am so excited to have started our last quarter! In reading class we have just started reading How to Eat Fried Worms! I am looking forward to all the interesting discussions and activities having to do with food! In language arts class we are reading about The Tundra and The Great Barrier Reef and also working on spelling words.  In math class we are starting on "count by" or multiplication problems (5×6 is count by 5s six times). We are also working on algebra word problems. In skills class we are reviewing the class rules and talking about what we want to be when we grow up and the steps we need to take. In social studies class we are learning about different common weather in Florida.  We are working so hard to keep going strong!

Ms. Dautel, Room 1 Teacher


Fourth quarter is off to a great start.  This quarter is narrative writing.  In English we are beginning our new novel "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. We are also mastering the SAT prep vocab. We have now moved through the "L" section.  As a reminder 10 new vocab words are given at the beginning of the week and we have a quiz on them on Thursday this week. (Friday's--also, every Tuesday and Thursday homework essays are due!)  In math class we are powering through Algebra and just finished our review on exponents. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing binomials and trinomials are a breeze for my class! I am really looking forward to our Universal Studios field trip!

Ms. Cardullo, High School Teacher 


Hey everyone! Just a quick update from our neck of the woods…we just finished our latest class novel Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest. We have started watching the movie Robin Hood and the kids are noticing many similarities and differences which have lead to great literary discussions. Students have improved tenfold in their writing ability which has been made evident in their latest essay project. During math we have been learning about some practical applications for our new set of skills. Students have been calculating % interest on bank loans, how to figure sales tax and other various real-world money applications. Lastly, the students have started studying the Renaissance era in social studies. The kids are off to a great start for the last quarter!

Mr. Reddish, Middle School Teacher

Room 2 



Dear Parents,

This month, Mary K. Tatum, Counselor, LMHC, will be our guest speaker.   A graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic College, Ms. Tatum is a Counselor, an EMDR therapist and Neurofeedback specialist.  Our topic will be video game addiction and other challenges as it pertains to children with ADHD.

Ms. Tatum shares:

Life can be a wonderful journey though it is often overwhelming. Are you feeling overwhelmed due an addiction, anxiety, depression, grief, a past trauma, or perhaps not knowing how to best help a loved one who is struggling? I have had the pleasure of working as a counselor for ten years, specializing in addictions, trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD and relationships. I have specialized training in helping families and individuals heal from divorce, trauma, substance addictions, codependency, abuse, and learn to manage mental health diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.  Through a supportive journey we can work together to determine what is working in your life and what areas need healing. I believe in meeting the client where they are and allowing the client to work at a pace that is comfortable for them.  My goal is to create an individualized and specific plan that will treat the root cause of the issues, and not just manage the symptoms. Many therapy options available including EMDR for trauma and anxiety as well as Neurofeedback and talk therapy.

Children & Adults with AD/HD


Support Group for Parents of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD)

Where: Kentwood Preparatory School, "Rec Center" room

6192 South Congress Avenue, suite B3

Lantana, FL  33462

(directions below)

When: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

7:00 - 8:30 p.m.

Bring a friend!  All parents welcome.

Meeting Coordinator: Karen Holme: 561-718-1884.

You may reply to this email. 

DIRECTIONS:  From I-95, exit on Lantana Road exit 61, westbound.  Proceed 1.5 miles to South Congress Avenue.  Turn left on South Congress Avenue. The Atlantis Plaza Shopping Center will be immediately on your left.  Turn left into the plaza and proceed to the back left of the parking lot. The "Rec Center" is located to the left of the You Fit fitness center.

Children and Adults with AD/HD (CHADD) is a national, non-profit, tax exempt 501c(3) organization providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with AD/HD.  CHADD believes that information about products, services, publication, medication and treatments should be made available to its members so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families.  As such, CHADD does not endorse products, services, publications, medications or treatments.


If you find a location that might interest you for carpooling, contact the Front Office with the # listed by the location and we will give you the contact information.

  1. Hypoluxo and Hagen Ranch Road (Smith Farm) – Can drive in a.m. only
  2. Yamato/Congress or Glades/St. Andrews – Can drive in a.m. or p.m.
  3. Lake Worth Road and 441 – Can drive either in a.m. or p.m.
  4. Lantana and Jog – Can drive in a.m. only.
  5. Jog Road and Boynton Beach Blvd. – can drive either a.m. or p.m.
  6. Gateway and Jog – Can drive a.m. or p.m.
  7. Hypoluxo and Congress – Can drive a.m. only
  8. Hagen Ranch Road and Lantana/Hypoluxo Roads – can drive p.m. only
  9. Lyons Road and Hypoluxo – can drive p.m. only
  10. Jog and Hypoluxo or Hypoluxo and Military – can drive p.m. only
  11. Linton Avenue (East of 95) and Atlantic Avenue (East of 95) – can drive a.m. or p.m.
  12. 441 or SR7 and Forest Hill Blvd. – can drive in a.m. only
  13. 441 and Lake Worth Road
  14. Lantana and Military or Haverhill and Lake Worth – can drive a.m. only
  15. Palmetto Park Road and NW 4th Avenue – can drive p.m. only
  16. Ocean Avenue and A1A – can drive either a.m. or p.m.
  17. Palmetto/Glades Road and Powerline – can drive in morning only



May 30 – Memorial Day

May 31 – Make Up Classes

June 6 – In-House Activity

June 7 – Splash Park

June 8 – Movies

June 9 – Jungle Island

June 10 – Roller Skating

June 13 - Bowling

June 13 – July 8 – Summer School (tentative)

June 14 – Airboat Ride / Wildlife Park

June 15 – Movies

June 16 – Roger Dean Stadium and Splash Baseball Day

June 17 – Beach Day

June 20 – Lion Country Safari

June 21 – Science Museum and Planetarium

June 22 – Movies

June 23 – Splash Park / Favorite T-shirt Day

June 24 – Safari Edventure

June 27 – Jupiter Lighthouse / Loggerhead Marine Center

June 28 – Ice Skating

June 29 – Movies

June 30 – Palm Beach Zoo

July 1 – Beach Trip

July 4 – No Camp – Independence Day

July 5 – Florida Panthers Tour and Hockey Clinic

July 6 – Movies

July 7 – Science Museum

July 8 – Beach Day (LAST DAY OF CAMP)

**All Dates are subject to change


Office – 561-649-6141 (8-4:30)

Fax – 561-649-6142

Aftercare Line – 561-309-7708 (from 3:15-5:30)

Mrs. Lent, Business Manager – 561-649-6178 (8-4:30)

Mrs. Lent’s Fax – 561-649-6142

Embroidery Plus – 561-439-8943 (school uniforms and PE Uniforms) Hours: 8-4:30

Embroidery Plus email:

Embroider Plus:  Their new address is 824 W. Lantana Road (East of I-95 in the Domino’s Pizza plaza.)

Facebook – Kentwoodprep Lantana


Interact Facebook Page:





Ms. Blake –

Ms. Brown –

Mr. Caiazzo –


Ms. Caskill –

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Mr. Fein –

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Ms. Savoia –

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Ms. Wiehl –


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