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Jan 15, 2016




  • January 18 – No School – MLK Day
  • January 19 – Library for Room 3 – 1:20-2:40
  • January 20 – Yearbook Meeting @ 2:00
  • January 21 – Interact Meeting @ 2:00
  • January 25 – Library for High School
  • January 26 – Library for Room 2 – 1:20-2:40
  • January 27 – Yearbook Meeting @ 2:00
  • January 29 – High School PE (Yoga)
  • February 1 – MCKAY – Parental Intent Deadline for 4th Quarter
  • February 1 – Library for High School
  • February 2 – Library for Room 1 – 1:20-2:40
  • February 3 – Group Pictures for Yearbook
  • February 5 – Registration Deadline for March 5th SAT
  • February 5 – High School PE (Yoga)
  • February 8 – No School – Teacher Workday
  • February 9 – Library for Room 4 – 1:20-2:40
  • February 10 – Van Group Pictures for Yearbook
  • February 11 – Interact Board Meeting @ 2:00
  • February 15 – No School – Presidents Day

**More events are located at the end of the newsletter


  • January 18 – Sheldon C.
  • January 19 – Mr. Fein
  • January 22 – Julissa A.
  • January 24 – Ariel R.
  • January 28 – Anthony F.
  • January 28 – Gabriella G.
  • January 30 – Austin K.
  • February 18 – Isaac M.
  • February 20 – Camille C.
  • February 24 – Ms. Osborne
  • February 25 – Victoria W.


--WEBSITE HAS A NEW LOOK!  We have made an effort to update our website so we can provide more information to our parents….the calendar is new and hopefully will answer any questions you have.  We also have the parent forms all available if you need to update anything.  Please check it out!  If anyone has any other suggestions, let us know!

--THANK YOU to those parents and students who showed such kindness with their gifts and treats.  You’re the best!

--REMINDER….LUNCH POLICY BEING PUT INTO EFFECT….As of January 1st, we are going to put the policy in effect for lunches.  If there is no balance in the lunch account, the charge for the lunch will raise to $10.  We’ve always had this policy, but due to increased activity, we are now going to put it into effect.  Feel free to send at least $8 for your child’s lunch account in case of emergencies, etc.  Thank you!

--MEDICATION FORMS….please make sure the Medication Form is accurate with current medications!  It is very important in case of emergency that the correct information be given to the ambulance and medical personnel at the hospital.

--FLU SEASON….As we get into the flu season, remember if your child is running a fever, they must be fever-free for 24 hours before they return to school.  If you can, bring a doctor’s note.  That will give an excused absence.  Encourage hand-washing and covering their mouth when coughing or sneezing.

--PERFECT ATTENDANCE FOR SECOND QUARTER:  Jaden A., Ennio A., Isaiah B., Charles B., Griffin B., David F., Alec F., Daniel G., Kyle H., Kaaren H., Austin K., Cooper K., Jahsiah M., Isaac M., Andrick P., Alexander P., Hunter P., Carlos R., Christopher S., Zachary T., Juliet V., Montana V., and Emmanuel W.  CONGRATULATIONS STUDENTS and PARENTS!

Ms. Brown, Office and Community Relations Manager


Greetings from the Learning Lab! Welcome back students and families. We hope this will be a healthy, prosperous, and successful new year for us all. The students all came back rested, happy, and motivated to begin our work again. We got right back on to schedule and routine. We've begun our new novel, entitled "The Best School Year Ever." Through the narrator, we follow the antics of the six Herdman children, notably, the worst kids in town....the curse of every teacher and student at the fictional school...Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. Through our novel we've introduced lots of new and interesting vocabulary words. Our study of endangered species continued, with the introduction of the Blue Whale. In the coming weeks, we will be studying the California Condor and the Komodo Dragon, just to name a few. Also, we are planning another field trip in the near future, so please be on the lookout for follow up information on that. Once again, thank you for your continued support, and for giving us the opportunity to work with your children.

Ms. Costa, Learning Lab Coordinator 


Hello Kentwood Families! I hope everyone enjoyed the time off with the family. Welcome back! The days are passing by so quickly, we are already planning activities for Valentine's Day:) Academically, in the English class, the creative writing papers are being written.  We are continuing to read our novels " Robinson Crusoe" and " Cry, The Beloved Country". Every Monday the high school students continue to rotate to go to the Lantana Library to conduct research and look for the appropriate books to support their topics. In Geometry, we are working with congruent triangles learning to construct the triangles and to correctly measure angles and sides.  In the Communications class, the high school students are continuing to discuss the importance of self awareness, self control, self respect, self confidence, how to build friendships and relationships, how to control impulsivity and learn the important skills through role play. In Physics, the students are learning to calculate the indirect measurement, temperature conversions, and weight conversions (metric system vs. customary units). In the afternoons the groups rotate to use the computer labs for research and projects. Socially, we have scheduled several field trips for the next couple of weeks more information regarding our trips will be coming home soon. If you have any questions or concerns please contact one of us. Please schedule a parent/ teacher conference with us in the next couple weeks, we would like to share your children's progress with you and also get your feedback on our program. As always, thank you for your support. Enjoy the weekend!  

Ms. Wiehl, Room 7 Teacher

Assistant Principal – High School


Welcome to the second half of the year!  I hope everybody had a marvelous holiday season and start to the New Year. We have been back for almost 2 weeks and are in full swing working on our learning goals.  Ms. Blake's math class continues progress monitoring of math skills.  Topics students continue working on include fractions, ratios, percentages, order of operations, algebraic equations, graphs and story problems.  In Ms. Blake's English class we are continuing to read "Robinson Crusoe" based in the 17th Century and written by Daniel Defoe.  It is a story about Robinson becoming shipwrecked and stranded, and how he struggles to survive.   We also continue to focus on reading comprehension, vocabulary skills, as well as grammar skills.  In writing we have started our unit on creative writing and it has been so exciting and fun to watch the students develop their writing. In the Geography classes, we are continuing our studies of Latin America and currently are exploring South America.  We will continue using each of the themes of geography: place, location, region, human environmental interaction, and movement to investigate the continent.  We also will be starting our group research projects and more information will be coming soon! I am super excited for the wonderful things coming in 2016!!!

Ms. Blake, Room 5 Teacher 


I hope all Kentwood families had a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!!  We are off to a great start this new calendar year!  In Reading, we are reading the novel "Hatchet". Luckily, none of the kids have read this novel so we they can enjoy it for the first time together. It's about Brian, a boy about their age, who is going to visit his father but instead, must learn how to fend for himself after the pilot dies of a heart attack and he is forced to land the plane on his own.  In our analysis of characters, the kids will be encouraged to think outside the box, assigning human traits to a hatchet (personification) which actually becomes a very important and integral ‘character” in the novel.  In Social Skills, we will be doing more cooperative learning which the kids really enjoy. This is where all those great skills learned and practiced throughout all of the play practices really comes into play. The groups are chosen randomly, so the kids must practice staying focused while working with a friend, and also learn how to work cooperatively with someone they may not usually spend much free time with. In Language Arts, we will continue our weekly spelling/vocabulary units as well as our Reading Comprehension practice and all the prerequisite skills that aid in improving comprehension.  We will be focusing much more on writing these last two semesters.  The kids will be expanding their creative writing skills while learning new concepts in writing:  grammar, new sentence structure, etc.  I am encouraging the kids to express themselves in their writing.  Some of the writing assignments will be shared with the class while it will be optional for others.  My goal is to facilitate passionate writers and so in doing this, some of their writing examples may be a bit personal.  I have told them that I will advise them at the very beginning of any assignment that will be shared with the class so they can have the freedom to express themselves freely with some writing projects without the fear of being embarrassed in front of their peers, while also gaining the very important experience of public speaking with others.  For those students who are new to Kentwood and are just starting their homework program, please help them to remember to check their agendas but do not make homework a source of stress at home.  Nothing academic is occurring once this happens.  If you are experiencing this, or any other issues with homework, please get in touch with me immediately!  We have many plans at Kentwood already set to help alleviate these issues. 

Ms. Steinberg, Room 3 Teacher


What a great start back! We just wrapped up our social studies unit on the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and while there are entire year long college courses on the subject we completed our unit in just a week and a half because we are that amazing. Kapow! Math is coming along nicely as we focus on mastering some fundamental skills which were found to be missing as we were doing our fraction work. The new novel study has been a big hit as it has been in years past. Matilda has the perfect blend of kid humor and underlying meaningful lessons- many of which are able to spawn many a social skills discussion. Everything is awesome in our class because everything is cool when you're part of a team.  Until next time!

Mr. Reddish, Room 2 Teacher


Happy New Year! The students are off to a very good start as we begin the new calendar year. The English class is reading The Hobbit. This classic piece of literature contains numerous fascinating characters, and the students are enjoying learning about them. We have also been reviewing different parts of speech. As of late, these lessons have been about prepositions and prepositional phrases. Nonfiction reading comprehension has been emphasized in language arts class. In addition to identifying the main idea and supporting details, making inferences and stating opinions in reference to the reading have been main areas of focus. The readings have been of high interest to the students, and this has led to a lot of good classroom discussion. The math class has been working diligently on a variety of reading problems. In doing so, they work to solve equations. Specifically, the students have been working on addition/ subtraction equations and rate equations. In addition, circumference problems, graphing, simplification, and two step equations are other types of problems that have been addressed in class. The first science lesson of the marking period was about space; specifically, objects that were once used by the space program. An intriguing topic to the students, they had many interesting questions. We will be having our next lab in the upcoming weeks. Understanding money has been stressed in social studies. Checking accounts, dividends, hourly wages, interest, salary, savings accounts, and stocks are just a few of the topics we have been going over during class. With so much of this topic applicable to the real world, it too has led to a lot of good discussion. Social skills are emphasized throughout the day, and, when necessary, we stop different classes to discuss a matter that may arise. However, we also have special periods set aside to talk about social skills. As of late, the class has been learning about the influential impact that one can have on others and the importance of recognizing negative influences. As always, we emphasize the importance of applying what we learn during skills to situations inside and outside of school. Overall, the students are doing well, and I am proud of them!

Mr. Lebo – Room 4 Teacher

Guidance and Assistant Principal - Lower/Middle School


In Ms. Dautel's reading class, we are reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We are discussing lying and telling the truth because of Lucy's siblings not believing that she went to the magical new world of Narnia. In Ms. Dautel's math class, we are starting solving for letters in number families and discussing what to do if you have more than one letter in a problem which is beginning algebra. In Ms. Dautel's skills, we have been reviewing class and school rules after the break. In Ms. Dautel's social studies class we are discussing and learning about different land formations and vocabulary in Florida, such as highlands, lowlands, and sea level. We are off to a great start to 2016!

Ms. Dautel, Room 1 Teacher 


Third semester is starting off strong.  I have really seen each student grow and develop in all areas; especially in writing. This semester is creative writing and we sure have some great imaginations here at Kentwood. In English we continue to read our novel “Robinson Crusoe ". We are discovering all the amazing new talents and skills Robinson has to learn to survive. We continue to learn about the elements of literature and are exploring new and fun creative writing topics. We are also mastering the SAT prep vocabulary, as we move through the "b" section. As a reminder to everyone 10 new vocabulary words are given at the beginning of the week and we have a quiz on them on Fridays. Also, every Tuesday and Thursday homework essays are due!  In math class we are powering through Algebra and just finished our chapter 1 review. Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers are a breeze for my class! They are even conquering exponents. I look forward to our Movie at Lantana Beach for our field trip and know we will have a blast at Fridays Field day. 

Ms. Cardullo, High School Teacher


If you find a location that might interest you for carpooling, contact the Front Office with the # listed by the location and we will give you the contact information.

  1. Hypoluxo and Hagen Ranch Road (Smith Farm) – Can drive in a.m. only
  2. Yamato/Congress or Glades/St. Andrews – Can drive in a.m. or p.m.
  3. Lake Worth Road and 441 – Can drive either in a.m. or p.m.
  4. Lantana and Jog – Can drive in a.m. only.
  5. Jog Road and Boynton Beach Blvd. – can drive either a.m. or p.m.
  6. Gateway and Jog – Can drive a.m. or p.m.
  7. Hypoluxo and Congress – Can drive a.m. only
  8. Hagen Ranch Road and Lantana/Hypoluxo Roads – can drive p.m. only
  9. Lyons Road and Hypoluxo – can drive p.m. only
  10. Jog and Hypoluxo or Hypoluxo and Military – can drive p.m. only
  11. Linton Avenue (East of 95) and Atlantic Avenue (East of 95) – can drive a.m. or p.m.
  12. 441 or SR7 and Forest Hill Blvd. – can drive in a.m. only
  13. 441 and Lake Worth Road
  14. Lantana and Military or Haverhill and Lake Worth – can drive a.m. only
  15. Palmetto Park Road and NW 4th Avenue – can drive p.m. only
  16. Ocean Avenue and A1A – can drive either a.m. or p.m.
  17. Palmetto/Glades Road and Powerline – can drive in morning only


  • February 16 – Library for Room 3 – 1:20-2:40
  • February 17 – High School Pictures for Yearbook
  • February 17 – High School Meeting for 8th grade Parents 6pm
  • February 18 – Interact Meeting @ 2:00
  • February 18 – Field Day for Entire School 9:30-2
  • February 22 - 26 – Terra Nova Standardized Testing for High School
  • February 23 – Library for Room 2 – 1:20-2:40
  • February 24 – Lower/Middle School Pictures for Yearbook
  • February 26 – High School PE (Hip Hop)
  • February 29 – Library for High School
  • March 1 – Library for Room 1 – 1:20-2:40
  • March 2 – MCKAY – Private School Enrollment Deadline for 4th Quarter
  • March 2 – Last Yearbook Meeting @ 2:00
  • March 4 – Registration Deadline for April 9th ACT
  • March 4 – High School PE (Nutrition)
  • March 7-11 – Terra Nova Standardized Testing for Lower/Middle School
  • March 7 – Library for High School
  • March 8 – Library for Room 4 – 1:20-2:40
  • March 9 – Dress Down for Scholarship - $5
  • March 10 – Interact Board Meeting @ 2:00
  • March 11 – High School PE (Personal Training)
  • March 14 – Library for High School
  • March 15 – Field Day for Entire School – 9:30-2
  • March 16 – No School – Parent Conferences
  • March 17 – No School – Parent Conferences
  • March 18 – March 28 - No School – Spring Break
  • March 29 – No School – Teacher Workday
  • April 4 – Library for High School
  • April 5 – Library for Room 3 – 1:20-2:40
  • April 8 – Registration Deadline for May 7th SAT
  • April 8 – No School – Teacher Workday
  • April 11 – Library for High School
  • April 12 – Library for Room 2 – 1:20-2:40
  • April 14 – Field Day for Entire School
  • April 14 – Interact Board Meeting @ 2:00
  • April 15 – High School PE (Roller Skating) – 9:30-1
  • April 18 – Library for High School
  • April 19 – Library for Room 1 – 1:20-2:40
  • April 21 – Interact Meeting @ 2:00
  • April 22 – High School PE (Bowling) – 10-1
  • April 25 – Library for High School
  • April 26 – Library for Room 4 – 1:20-2:40
  • April 28 – Field Day for Entire School – 9:30-2
  • May 2 – Library for High School
  • May 2 through May 6 – Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 3 – Library for Room 3 – 1:20 – 2:40
  • May 5 – Registration Deadline for June 4th SAT
  • May 6 – Registration Deadline for June 11th ACT
  • May 6 – High School PE (Mini Golf) – 10:30-1
  • May 9 – Library for High School
  • May 10 – Library for Room 2 – 1:20-2:40
  • May 11 – Dress Down for Scholarship - $5
  • May 12 – Field Day for Entire School – 9:30-2
  • May 12 – Interact Board Meeting @ 2:00
  • May 16 – Library for High School
  • May 17 – Library for Room 1 – 1:20-2:40
  • May 19 – Interact Meeting @ 2:00
  • May 20 – High School PE (Beach) – 9:30-2
  • May 22 – Graduation and Awards Ceremony
  • May 23 – Library for High School
  • May 24 – Library for Room 4 – 1:20-2:40
  • May 26 – Field Day for Entire School 9:30-2
  • May 27 – Last Day of School
  • May 30 – Memorial Day
  • May 31 – Make Up Classes
  • June 6 – July 15 - Summer Camp (tentative)
  • June 13 – July 8 – Summer School (tentative)
  • July 1 – No Camp – Independence Day Holiday
  • July 4 – No Camp – Independence Day

**All Dates are subject to change 


Office – 561-649-6141 (8-4:30)

Fax – 561-649-6142

Aftercare Line – 561-309-7708 (from 3:15-5:30)

Mrs. Lent, Business Manager – 561-649-6178 (8-4:30)

Mrs. Lent’s Fax – 561-649-6142

Embroidery Plus – 561-439-8943 (school uniforms and PE Uniforms) Hours: 8-4:30

Embroidery Plus email:

Embroider Plus:  Their new address is 824 W. Lantana Road (East of I-95 in the Domino’s Pizza plaza.)

Facebook – Kentwoodprep Lantana


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***Kentwood Prep facilitates and notifies parents about meetings of CHADD and other support groups.  Books, website links, and other resources listed in this newsletter along with support group speakers, their opinions, and the content covered are not necessarily the views supported by Kentwood.   In addition, Kentwood is not responsible for any consequences resulting from inadvertent omissions or errors in our newsletter.  Parties relying on information in this newsletter are encouraged to make certain of information contained in said newsletter by verifying information directly from the source

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