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Why is there no homework and when does homework start?

There is a homework policy, but homework does not start until the child is competent and motivated to do the homework without assistance.

This does not mean that parents cannot be involved in their child's homework. It means that responsibility rests with the child and not the parents. Homework expectations increase in quantity and quality as the student shows competence at each level.

Most families, when they enroll at Kentwood, have been fighting over the issue of homework. The assignments have not been written down, the work is too difficult or the homework is done and then lost. The primary reasons for trouble with homework are that our students do not have, nor have they ever been taught the skills necessary to successfully do homework independently. Therefore, for the first 20 weeks after a new student enrolls in the Kentwood program there is a "NO HOMEWORK POLICY". This affords us the time to teach the Kentwood methods to the students and to slowly allow them to practice these skills without causing family fights. Once the student has sufficient skill to begin homework, we at Kentwood have a structured and incremental homework program. Parents, as members of their child's treatment team, are kept in the picture as to the homework level achieved by their child.



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