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What should I do if my child complains about being teased at school?

Unfortunately, teasing has become a common problem in schools across the country.

However teasing amongst students who are not being successful in school, and who have social skills difficulties, is extremely common. One common thread throughout our interviews with prospective students is that 99% of them have been teased by other students. We cannot guarantee that teasing will not go on at Kentwood. In fact because of the nature of our student population a certain amount of teasing is inevitable. What sets Kentwood Preparatory School apart from other programs is that we deal with teasing immediately as part of our social skills curriculum. Teasing is not tolerated. However if it occurs you can be guaranteed that those involved will get the opportunity to learn how to deal with teasing appropriately, and those caught teasing will receive appropriate consequences and Clubs designed to stop the teasing. Our program encourages students to discuss problems with their home base teacher. Students are given opportunities to discuss any issue that is troubling them. Students are advised that if their home base teacher does not address their concerns, they are to speak to their advisor or the Principal and as a last resort, the Administrator. If there is still no satisfaction it is time to get their parents involved.



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