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What is the factor system and how will it help my child in school?

The Kentwood factor system is the center of our individualized academic program.

Basically it is a hierarchical system designed to methodically teach students the systems necessary to produce increasingly more sophisticated paragraphs, summaries, essays, research projects, book reports, and other written assignments. These are the very products that will be required throughout each child's education and at work in the future. Depending upon the student's ability to organize thoughts into written form, a factor level will be assigned to each student regardless of grade level. Factor levels can change for each subject. Even homework is organized according to factor levels. In math the number of accommodations made for students in math determines factor levels. For example, Level One students require squared graph paper, a calculator, and modified test materials. A Level Five student requires no formal accommodations. The curriculum is taught at grade level, and each student receives the same high-level instruction. Only the output requirements are individualized. Each student is required to progress through the factor levels. If they get stuck, extra classes are offered.



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