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What are the Skills Labs & Central Processing Unit (CPU)?

CPU, Learning Skills and Social Skills Lab are the core of the Kentwood School Program.

CPU is a safe place to which students can go to talk about or process if they are not coping in the classroom or in other parts of the program. Trained staff supervise the Skills Labs. Social Skills Lab has two components: The Classroom and the CPU. The classroom is designed for students who are not yet ready, or able, to function in a regular classroom but need to learn the social skills necessary to succeed in a classroom. These students have been prescriptioned into the Social Skills Class for a period of no less than 3 weeks, and they must earn their way back into the regular school program by demonstrating mastery of skills required for transition back into a regular classroom. The second component is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) itself, which is a counseling/behavior unit designed as a place where students are sent when they are not coping or are too upset to stay in the classroom. It is a place to discuss these feelings and behaviors that led to being sent to CPU and then to learn and practice alternative ways of behaving that will allow the students cope effectively in the classroom environment to avoid going to CPU in the future. These skills are modeled for the students and are practiced with the staff in the lab. The Learning Skills Lab is a classroom where students are assigned for small group instruction and remediation. Any student who is identified as requiring extra assistance with academics will be assigned to the learning lab for the subjects or classes in which they are struggling. Other students may be prescribed into Learning Skills Lab full time and receive an intensive remedial program in a small group setting. This program is a more intensive tutorial and is offered to parents at an addition cost.



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