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What are "Clubs"?

After school clubs are arranged for students who are having difficulty with specific manipulative, disruptive or dangerous behaviors.

Clubs will take place every Thursday from 2:45pm to 4:30pm. and a late night club is held every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Attendance at clubs is by invitation only and will be arranged in advance with parents. Clubs are a free service offered by Kentwood, the staff is not paid for running clubs, and we do it as part of our mission to help children and families. In accordance with the enrollment agreement we ask parents to work with us in order to effectively change your children's behavior. The agenda for clubs is to work on more appropriate ways of behaving in the classroom, on the vans or at home. Clubs are a way for us to spend individual time helping students to learn alternative ways of behaving. We at Kentwood understand that many behaviors are manipulative. Clubs are a way of ending the manipulation and giving students consequences for these behaviors. Club activities may include running, exercising, and role-playing so that the students can practice more appropriate ways of expressing frustration in school. An invitation to attend a CLUB is not really an invitation but is mandatory. We request support from parents with regards to attendance at Clubs, as this is truly one of the most effective parts of the Kentwood program. It is, however, only truly effective if the school and parents can present a UNITED FRONT to students. Improvement, both behaviorally and academically, usually follows quickly.



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