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My child says that the work is too easy. What is going on with the curriculum?

Learning is fun, particularly if it is presented in a manner that is interesting and easy to understand.

We strive to make the work feel easy, but that does not mean that it is not meeting curriculum requirements. Detailed curriculum objectives are prepared for each subject and grade level, permitting us to monitor the progress of each child in every subject. It should be borne in mind that whereas completion of the curriculum is desirable, that objective is subordinate to meeting the priorities stipulated by the parents of each child. Parents, as members of their child's treatment team, are kept in the picture as to the extent of the curriculum covered in each subject by their child. Students, when they come to Kentwood, do not lack intelligence or ability, but they do lack skills. Most students do not know how to begin a task, stay on task, and complete a task. They do not have the organizational skills to write reports or the sequencing skills to complete math problems. They lack fundamental knowledge with regards to test taking and study skills. Many new students to Kentwood arrive with behavioral issues that for years have interfered with their schooling. We understand that unless students learn how to stop naming and blaming others for their problems, accept responsibility for their work and actions, and adhere to the rules of school and society it does not matter how smart they are they will struggle in school and in life. The curriculum is designed to teach study skills, organizational skills, test taking, report writing, and all the underlying skills necessary to become a top student. Therefore we place a great deal of emphasis upon addressing the behavioral issues while at the same time teaching skills through a challenging, grad- appropriate curriculum.



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